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Publisher Showcase: UpSellit

Our Publisher Showcase highlights an innovative publisher from the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network. This week we sat down with Anthony Villegas Director of Marketing at UpSellit.

Our Publisher Showcase highlights an innovative publisher from the Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Network. This week we sat down with Anthony Villegas Director of Marketing at UpSellit.

Describe your brand and what you do:
UpSellit’s managed conversion optimisation helps the internet’s biggest brands boost sales, capture new leads, and increase new customer acquisition. UpSellit’s performance-based pricing model only charges advertisers for the purchases their technology actually converts. With its in-house creative and development teams, UpSellit perfectly aligns its technologies at targeted stages of the conversion funnel serving as an extension of your marketing team.

Who is your target audience?
Advertisers and online retailers doing over 100 sales per day that need help with customer lifetime value, incrementality, and increasing online revenue.

How long have you been using affiliate marketing as a channel?
UpSellit has been in business since 2005 and we have worked in affiliate since.

What kind of advertisers are your ideal partners?
We can work with any advertiser doing over 100 sales per day across all channels. Our team can work within fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and within any other industries that supply a consumer product.

What unique offering do you bring to the table that other affiliates don’t offer?
UpSellit’s not a traditional publisher – we are a technology partner that works through the affiliate model. We are actively helping online retailers navigates uncertain times with managed conversion optimisation that is proven to increase online revenue and provide true incrementality. By working with online retailers to pinpoint the cracks in their funnel, we work as an extension of their marketing team to fill those gaps with solutions that engage and convert shoppers in new, personalised ways.

What new innovations will we see from you in 2020?
UpSellit’s Mobile Messaging platform is enabling retailers to reach shoppers directly on their mobile devices. With open rates exceeding 90%+, UpSellit’s Mobile Messaging is an incredible way to reach users with personalise messaging and alerts. In addition, UpSellit’s suite of solutions lends itself to a multitude of ways for retailers to combat the impact of COVID-19 with strategies that reduce friction and get shoppers to buy now, buy more over time, or come back and buy in the future.

Can you describe what excites you most about the affiliate marketing industry?
Affiliate is seeing a huge shift in performance as brick & mortar retailers shift to digital channels. Despite uncertain times, we are very excited to see the growth in the affiliate industry, as new retailers who did not consider affiliate before explore new digital channels for their businesses.

If advertisers aren’t yet partnered with you, why should they jump on board?
UpSellit’s suite of technologies lends itself to retailers in unique ways they might not have thought of. Every conversation starts with a comprehensive Shopper Behaviour Analysis to determine underperforming areas in your funnel. Then, our in-house team works to fill in the gaps with fully customised solutions that address the problem at its root.

UpSellit’s proprietary PreCapture technology captures information the moment it’s typed. Precise promotions, urgency alerts, and AI-driven product recommendations help retailers achieve business KPIs that exceed campaign objectives. Then, UpSellit helps retailers continue the conversation with personalised SMS and email remarketing that increase lifetime value.

UpSellit’s in-house creative and development teams ensure brands will have fully built mockups to review in just 5 business days. Once approved, UpSellit can get a campaign live in just 10 days. Plus, we never lock advertisers into contracts or charge hidden fees. UpSellit’s technology is available to all eligible advertisers.

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