Friends looking at a deviceNew and diverse publisher models are helping to elevate the affiliate channel to one of strategic significance. Gone are the days when advertisers could rely on one or two publishers to drive performance. Shifting consumer behaviour means publisher diversity within affiliate programmes is more important than ever in reaching and engaging consumers.

As the end of the year edges closer, the Rakuten Advertising Publisher Development team share insight into the new publisher models expected to grow and drive success in 2022.

Financial Technology Partners and Loyalty Enablers

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solutions and card-linked offers (CLO) have increased in popularity over recent years and will become mainstream affiliate partners in 2022. The trend of financial technology partners using affiliate will grow next year with Digital Wallet providers and Loyalty Enablers such as YouTrip or ING Dealwise.

Digital wallet provider YouTrip is Singapore’s first multi-currency mobile wallet with a prepaid Mastercard, allowing consumers to pay for purchases in over 150 currencies with no fees. As a perk for members, YouTrip Perks give consumers cashback for purchasing with their partners – meaning brands can target international online shoppers and travellers via a platform that makes purchasing in different currencies easy.

Additionally, financial institutions have recognised the value in enabling consumer loyalty and have launched affiliate offerings. For example, ING Dealwise allows brands to employ personalisation strategies to connect with consumers in a trusted environment.

Content Commerce

The demand for content consumption has increased, and maintaining a user’s attention amongst the various places that content is consumed can be challenging. Content and media houses have had to evolve how they monetise their sites and drive revenue. That’s where content commerce, otherwise known as ‘shoppable content’, comes into play.

Consumers are now more confident in transacting at the point of inspiration. The ability to transact without leaving the publishers environment has led to the natural evolution of content partners. Social platforms also recognise the value of shoppable content, with many integrating shopping capabilities that enable users to shop at the point of inspiration.

Partners like Tipser and Bonsai enable publishers to use technology to deliver shoppable moments within content on an affiliate CPA basis.

Influencers and Live Shopping

Over the last two years, the disruption to the in-store experience has led to greater creative collaboration between brands and influencers. Influencers have stepped into the role of sales assistant to help showcase the inner workings of products, with their reviews and opinions becoming more influential than ever before.

Instagram has recently removed the 10K follower limitation on the swipe-up function within stories. The removal of the follower limits means that anyone can link to a brand or specific product page regardless of whether they’re a macro or micro-influencer. This change will lead to an increase in niche content creators that can partner with brands.

Additionally, the ability to link in stories and the introduction of live shopping platforms like Sauce will lead to more brands and influencers connecting for live shopping events. Sauce is a South Korean partner that creates new consumer experiences through the aggregation of content, commerce and live streaming.

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