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Making Moments Matter for Media Audiences

The idea of ‘Moments’ is tethered in understanding that media audiences are not the same person throughout the day on every single day. During the day the newlyweds may become two different business people, each talking to colleagues and streaming the news to stay up to date on the markets.

The idea of ‘Moments’ is tethered in understanding that media audiences are not the same person throughout the day on every single day. During the day the newlyweds may become two different business people, each talking to colleagues and streaming the news to stay up to date on the markets.

In the evening, they’re a young married couple sat at the dining room table browsing online for the perfect soft furnishings to turn a house into their home. As such, looking at them as a piece of data fails to take into account their individual and collective Moments throughout the day.

It’s the media they’re currently engaged with which defines how they should be considered, and advertisers need to align the brand with the Moment the audience is in to maximise the return on programme spend.

Moments across Rakuten Advertising platforms

Rakuten Advertising offers four platforms for brands: Rakuten Viber, Rakuten Viki and Rakuten TV, and Rakuten France – a messaging app, streaming services, and an e-commerce marketplace respectively. Each of these provides different routes to target an audience and understanding each of them is crucial to creating Moments that resonate

Rakuten Viki

One of the biggest homes of Asian dramas and movies, Rakuten Viki boasts a highly knowledgeable, hugely loyal, and immensely passionate community.

It’s not simply a case of watching shows on Viki, the audience contribute directly, be it adding their own subtitles or nuance to existing ones; commenting in real-time for others viewers to see; leaving reviews; and rating material. The community also regularly gathers together in screening parties for the latest blockbusters and their favourite dramas.

Through this, viewers become part of the experience itself – the connection they have to what they’re watching is like no other, providing a huge opportunity for advertisers to truly resonate with a massively loyal, highly interactive Asian entertainment fanbase.

Rakuten Viber

More than just a messaging platform, Viber brings a whole new dimension to personal connections – both for the consumer and for a business audience. It takes messaging into a social opportunity through community and public groups, and through being embedded within the scroll and messages, advertising doesn’t become an intrusion, and simply sits as part of the benefits and experience that users expect.

Group calls bring people and cultures together, offering brands the opportunity to engage at scale, while downloadable stickers are all available in multiple languages. It’s a truly global, multicultural platform.

Rakuten France

The moment of an online transaction is merely the endpoint of a longer Moment spent browsing. Whether it’s searching for a treat for yourself or buying something for friends, or whether it’s finding the latest energy saving gadget, or even a new washing machine, every online purchase has a discover element involved.

It’s these Moments which offers advertisers the opportunity to capture buyers’ attention. For advertisers, Rakuten France offers unrivalled audience loyalty, driven through the broad spectrum of retailers on the platform. Users can not only buy from the most recognised brands, but also from smaller online outfits where the passion to support grassroots lies.

This is a potent combination. For brands, this provides a perfect opportunity to capture attention, whether a user is shopping for themselves or for someone else and connect at a Moment of emotional investment.

Rakuten TV

Every one of us is a TV viewer. Families watching Saturday night film together bring a hugely valuable opportunity to FMCG brands; finance and business brands can become part of the 24-hour news experience; and sports brands can appear front and centre exclusive sporting documentaries.

Each of these is a Moment, and the emotive power of TV gives brands a huge spectrum where they have the opportunity to put themselves front and centre of a captive, mood-perfect audience.

Importantly, for advertisers, 45m remote controls across Europe include a dedicated Rakuten TV, meaning these Moments are just a single click away for the viewer – and your advertising is too.

Making Moments Happen for Media Audiences

Consumers engage with different media platforms throughout their day, on different devices, and in different surroundings. The content they watch, scroll through, and share differs concurrently. As such, we change who we are throughout the day – with the context we sit within being the defining factor.

The businessperson sat at their desk at 2pm on a Friday is very different to that same person six hours later, sat on the sofa with their partner binge watching the latest boxset. In this sense, looking purely through a demographic lens isn’t the most effective use of budget. It simply represents data about an individual – it doesn’t tell you about the mood they’re in, and thus how your advertising will resonate.

And it’s ‘mood’ which is the keyword here. Data can’t tell you about an audience’s mood, but the context you appear in can.

For more information about how Rakuten Advertising can help your brand engage media audiences in the right moment download the latest guide ‘Connecting in the Moment: A guide to key media ‘Moments’ and how advertisers can use them’.

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