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Masters of CTV: Galina Dormisheva

In this series we are celebrating the people who work with CTV every day, the Masters of CTV, sharing best practice to help you outthink and outperform.

Where do you work and what do you do?

Video Solutions / wedotv as Global Programmatic Lead

How have you seen the CTV industry evolve over the last few years?

In the last few years CTV technology has advanced considerably and has become an attractive medium to consume content for users. Faced with economic uncertainties users are looking for easy access to free content available on CTV devices. Viewership has increased considerably, and this trend is continuing, in 2022 the number of active users on our wedotv AVOD service doubled.

On the other hand, the FAST channel business has been exploding over the last few years. And this is another area where we invest heavily in Europe with active markets UK and DACH, and looking to further expand our offering to the US. We have recently launched our channels wedo movies and wedo big stories in Italy, together with our wedotv AVOD service, the immediate adoption and growth we are seeing on CTV devices is incredible which is very promising.

What is unique to CTV over other video streaming options?

CTV is all about distribution and the device delivering the content; viewers are reached across a network of providers making it brand safe. Attention/viewability metric on the full/big screen is at 100%, since users’ attention is absorbed by the content they watch. While with other video streaming options user attention is decreasing, for example mobile devices are used on the go while users are travelling, at the gym, waiting in a queue or doing something which can easily shift their focus.

Why should agencies and advertisers include CTV into the media mix?

CTV combined with programmatic technology can be a powerful tool for meeting agencies/brands objectives, by providing a premium and best-in-class advertising experience to reach and engage users or support competitive separation for their products. CTV provides the chance to access premium ad space in an efficient and very transparent way. Thanks to the programmatic technology advancement this can even be done in a more personalized way. Not to forget the level of transparency and flexibility that programmatic provides in reporting and measurement, as well as log level data which can be of great use for analysing user behaviour and planning future campaigns.

What are your predictions for the future of the CTV industry?

Users’ habits have changed, and the way content is consumed nowadays is affected by many factors like cultural, economic, demographics, etc. Nowadays, users look for free and easy access to content, on the go, available to watch whenever they want. That’s what makes AVOD services and FAST channels so attractive.

I believe that the innovation and advancement of CTV technology will disrupt the way content has been consumed even further, highlighting the power of data and personalisation and will help overcome the complexity caused by the fragmented market that has troubled both media planners and publishers over the last few years.

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