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Masters of CTV: Ana Camara

In this series we are celebrating the people who work with CTV every day, the Masters of CTV, sharing best practice to help you outthink and outperform. This Ana Camara from the Global Programmatic Investment team at GroupM, shares her expert predictions on why CTV is an essential channel to unlock the potential in your campaigns.

Where do you work and what do you do?

I work in the Global Programmatic investment Team at GroupM. Our mission is to make programmatic buying less complex and more transparent, to provide our clients with further efficiencies.

With TV money moving onto digital environments, the above becomes even more important as we need
to make sure the shift is done in a controlled way protecting our clients and the media owners,
removing unnecessary intermediaries whenever possible.

What role does CTV advertising play in your role?

I have been working on CTV for over 10 years. In my current job, I am working closely with all the CTV
media owners, globally, to 1/ make sure investment is flowing their way, 2/ educate our internal
planning and activation teams on the opportunity it represents, and 3/ define activation best practice.

What success have you had with CTV advertising?

More recently, we launched the GroupM Premium Marketplace which revolutionises the way we buy
CTV for our clients. It is a single, direct and transparent, access point to CTV and premium video, making it a lot easier for our clients to scale across this type of inventory. Our marketplace has already proven its success, not only by providing more efficiencies to our clients’ campaigns, but also by increasing the overall share of spend landing on media owners.

How have you seen client interest in CTV advertising change?

There is a clear appetite for CTV and it is growing. If we look at recent studies published out of the US, in
2022 users were moving onto digital environments quicker than ad dollars.

So far, in 2023, we are seeing an increased demand coming from our biggest clients to the point that the volume we will deliver in Q1 in GPM will be bigger than the whole of 2022.

What are your predictions for the future of the CTV advertising industry?

My prediction is that over time CTV will become TV, there will be no differentiation.

Users will watch linear/live content for news/sports and will watch everything else on demand. This is the consumption we are seeing in younger demographics, and they are not likely to change. This will just become the norm.


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