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Cardlinked Offers & Affiliate Marketing

The highstreet is open for business, and there is an opportunity for brands to utilise cardlinked offers to drive in-store sales via digital campaigns.

Customers have reemerged to the highstreet and brands needs to consider how they attract new customers while also reclaiming their past footfall that may or may not have been engaged with a brand’s online presence during the past months.

Social distancing measures means eCommerce continues to play a crucial part in retailers’ strategy for the remainder of 2020 and new opportunities have the potential to kick start in-store spending, injecting revenue into an industry awakening from a spring hibernation.

One of these opportunities is with Cardlinked Offers— a relatively new concept allowing retailers to target consumers based on historical transactional data. Advertisers can also target consumers based on their spending with both an individual retailer and relevant competitors, offering bespoke incentives redeemable only by the individual consumer.

Rakuten Advertising has relationships with many cardlinking partners enabling both advertisers and publishers to increase revenue and acquire data on specific customer groups. Here we highlight five of our partners, empowering O2O sales through cardlinked offers.


An offer management platform connecting the O2O experience, Revtrax expands the distribution of coupons and rebates by tracking the in-store impact of the affiliate channel at a transactional level. Through the Revtrax platform, both advertisers and publishers can optimise the technology to engage consumers and encourage conversions regardless of where they choose to purchase. Offering advanced targeting and tracking solutions, Revtrax captures all transactional data and passes this to both parties (publishers and advertisers).


Enables both advertisers and publishers to distribute offers via the three major credit card providers – Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Fidel enables publishers to connect with advertisers to activate cardlinked offers for both offline and online activity. Additionally, the platform streamlines reporting, meaning advertisers and publishers have more time to focus on bolstering partnerships.

AMEX Korea

An exclusive partnership with Rakuten Advertising sees AMEX transactional data fire a confirmation of sale into the Rakuten Advertising portal, tracking and rewarding consumers for their purchase via cashback. AMEX Korea also leverages relationships with the country’s top influencers and media houses to provide branding and exposure for advertisers enticing AMEX users to purchase.


Cardlytics allows brands to discover and understand market potential, acquire new customers and improve loyalty with existing shoppers by utilising purchase intelligence from partner banks. Cardyltics also provides robust reporting, allowing brands to track the impact of a campaign on both online and in-store revenue.


Partnering with the UK’s leading banks, Reward gives retailers unique markets insights and targeting capabilities within a brand-safe environment. Additionally, the Reward platform drives incrementality by employing a robust control group methodology to ensure incremental sales uplift.

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