Sponsor Spotlight: Dealmoon Joins DealMaker Europe

Connecting the Chinese Millennial Expat market to brands, Dealmoon is a leading publisher that helps advertisers actively target a new audience.

As a Gold+ Sponsor at this year’s DealMaker Europe, we caught up with Dealmoon’s Senior Director, James Coggles, about their involvement in our event and what we can expect from Dealmoon.

We are delighted to have Dealmoon on board as a sponsor for Dealmaker Europe. Can you tell us more about why you wanted to get involved in our event?

As we have attended previous DealMaker events both in London, Paris and as far afield as Sydney, we understand first-hand the value and benefit of being part of the event. The interaction between key advertisers and publishers: forging new partnerships, and strengthening existing relationships, is crucial. The event has always been a focal point in Dealmoon’s marketing calendar.

Dealmoon connects advertisers to the Chinese Millennial Expat. Can you tell us a bit more about the opportunity for brands in Europe and how your platform can benefit them?

With the growth of Chinese Millennials and an emphasis on students coming to the UK, France, and Germany, the forecast shows their spending power will continue to grow. This makes Dealmoon the perfect match for brands wanting to not just tap into a new consumer demographic, but one with a real appetite to spend, learn, and understand brands. With a mobile-savvy audience that spends hours online shopping and documenting purchases across social channels, Dealmoon covers these channels (Weibo and WeChat), shopping apps, as well as our own UGC channels. These channels are where users share purchases and experiences. On top of this, we also work with over 1000 KOL’s (Key Opinion Leaders) across the globe.

What kind of brands are you hoping to meet at the event?

Rather than highlighting a certain category, between fashion, beauty or travel, the conversations we like to focus on are forward-thinking and about innovation. There are plenty of examples of brands wanting to understand Chinese Millennial buying patterns, specifically what they are buying now, and what they will buy in six months.

What are you looking forward to most at DealMaker Europe?

I think after countless Zoom calls and Google Meets it will be great to have everyone at the same conference learning, evolving, and expanding on ideas. As someone who has been at Dealmoon for close to five years now, I am really looking forward to meeting up with existing partners and welcoming new faces to the industry.

Can you share any exciting updates about Dealmoon ahead of the event?

Honestly, I could write a lot here about increasing reach with KOLs and our huge surge in user acquisition. But for me personally, it has been seeing two of our amazing team members recently become first-time mothers and now enjoying the time they so richly deserve building and raising their families.

If you are interested in learning more about Dealmoon, please visit their DealSpace table or book a meeting with the team during the event. You can book a meeting with them at their reserved Huddle Table once our networking community, Pathable, launches very soon.

A big thank you to Dealmoon for supporting our event and the affiliate industry.

Looking to increase your visibility at our event? Please view our sponsorship brochure.

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