Rakuten Advertising and Mavrck logosJoin our team of experts and learn how aligning your influencer and affiliate strategies can create campaigns that outperform.

Influencer and affiliate marketing are tried-and-tested tactics that can provide excellent results on their own. But when combined, they allow you to be even more strategic and efficient with your budgets. With today’s global macroeconomics, it’s more important than ever to understand which strategies will help marketers improve ROI.

To help you take your influencer campaigns to the next level, we’ve partnered with the leading influencer marketing platform, Mavrck. Together, we provide brands and agencies with a unique solution to execute influencer and affiliate campaigns, providing the data and measurement they need. When content creators and influencers integrate affiliate links, brands can track and optimise their campaigns in real time, allowing for stronger partnerships and increased opportunities.

Want to learn more?

Join our panel of experts on the 15th of March in our exclusive webinar. You’ll learn the most effective ways to combine influencer and affiliate strategies for success.

In this session, Rakuten Advertising and Mavrck will explore:

  • How influencer and affiliate marketing support full-funnel marketing strategy
  • How to align your performance and brand teams to create cohesive strategies across affiliate and influencer marketing
  • How to leverage performance data from affiliate programs to inform influencer strategies
  • Which brands and verticals can benefit from connecting social media to social commerce

This webinar takes place on Wednesday the 15th March, at 4pm GMT.