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Reengaging Consumers with Affiliate Marketing

For many brands, reengaging lapsed customers is a primary focus of their marketing strategy. Brands often establish Loyalty and Rewards programs to encourage repeat purchases and remarketing emails and advertising.

While these strategies are effective and should remain a core focus of a consumer marketing campaign, there are additional tools at a marketer’s disposal to reach, engage, and ultimately convert repeat customers.

The introduction of new commissioning strategies and financial services publishers (card-linked offers, buy-now pay-later, etc.) allow brands to work closely with their publisher partners to achieve their repeat customer goals. These publisher partners can also support broader audience acquisition strategies, whether reengaging lapsed consumers, acquiring new ones or reaching Millennial and Gen Z buyers. Let’s find out how.

Commissioning Strategies

Commissioning strategies, like Dynamic Commissioning, allow advertisers to align business objectives and KPIs with a brands affiliate program. For those tasked with retaining customers and driving repeat purchases, Dynamic Commissioning enables them to offer a higher commission for the conversions they drive.

By offering a higher commission for publishers who drive repeat purchases (or new customers if that’s your goal), brands can incentivise their partners to work with them in achieving their KPIs. Outside of running specific campaigns, the increase in commission communicates a brands objective to their long-tail publishers and allows them to flex their audience communications accordingly.

Buy-Now Pay-Later

Buy-now pay-later (BNPL) publishers have experienced exponential growth recently. In fact, the publisher model is on track to account for 4.2% of all global e-commerce payments in 2024.

BNPL solutions’ success is partly due to their ability to attract younger consumers, especially Gen Z. Having watched their parents go through the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, this generation is determined to not make the same mistakes. As a result, they shun credit cards and are drawn to interest-free options like BNPL.

Besides being a payment provider, BNPL partners offer brands additional marketing opportunities, including curated content, newsletter features, brand search and loyalty programs. Additionally, BNPL can support a consumer reengagement campaign without brands having to rely heavily on discounts or promotions. BNPL publishers give consumers a curated shopping directory that enables people to pay for products in instalments, targeting a full-price strategy. For brands with a higher basket value, such as those in the Luxury or Travel vertical, giving consumers the option to purchase a product and pay for it in up to four instalments is an opportunity they can’t ignore.

Card-Linked Offers

Before the pandemic, Card-Linked Offers (CLO) were one of the top online-to-offline (O2O) strategies for affiliate marketers, and rightly so. The very nature of CLO publishers means that brands can track purchases regardless of where a person makes them. How do they do this? It’s really quite simple. Consumers sync their debit or credit card to a loyalty program, and promotions and discounts are automatically received via CLO publishers. Now, more than ever, brands are beginning to recognise the value that CLO partners provide in improving customer retention and reengaging consumers.

Banks and credit cards sit on a wealth of individual consumer data. Through CLO, shoppers are targeted based on past purchases, giving them offers for brands they may have forgotten they shopped with. By leaning on financial publishers and employing commissioning strategies to work with a broader portfolio of partners, brands can reengage lapsed customers and drive repeat purchases through the affiliate marketing channel.

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