Real-World Insights: Trending in Australia

Good news, Australians love to shop online. Whether it's to find, research or buy products, online shopping continues to beat out brick-and-mortar for the majority of Aussies. But how Aussies shop online is moving in new directions.

Introducing our new consumer research report featuring real-world insights and the latest Australian shopping trends: Trending in Australia.

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As part of a consumer study conducted earlier this year, Rakuten Advertising surveyed over 500 Australian shoppers to learn more about their buying behaviours and attitudes. We utilised the data to identify how affiliate marketing can support brands throughout the customer journey, from awareness to activation. This is what we learned.

Social media advertising topples online search

More than half of Aussies look to social media advertising when searching for new brands to shop with, taking the top spot from online search back in 2020. 9 out of 10 Australian consumers also follow influencers, with almost half saying they have made a purchase after being inspired by their favourite content creators. By partnering with social media influencers, brands can tap into their followers’ trust and loyalty, gaining access to a highly engaged and receptive audience. For brands, the combination of influencers and affiliate marketing is a match made in heaven. By utilising the authenticity and wide reach of influencers combined with the precise tracking and measurement capabilities of affiliate, advertisers can effectively meet their business objectives and achieve improved results.

Aussies are ready to get back out to the world

Amid  concerns about soaring interest rates and surging inflation and living costs, Australians have demonstrated a keen interest in travel, perhaps a bigger appetite than ever. As the country prepares to enter another winter, prospects for the nation’s travel industry are surprisingly bright as many consumers continue to play catch-up after two years of confinement. According to our data, 75% of Australians plan to take flight this year even as living costs top their concerns. Travel brands can leverage this trend by partnering with publishers that offer exclusive deals and foster loyalty, such as airline loyalty programs, cashback sites or travel influencers.

Making the most of these trends

These insights are just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing Aussies is one thing. Connecting with them, and inspiring them to action, is another. At Rakuten Advertising, we’ve got the data, the technology and the ecosystem to connect you with Australian consumers and beyond. But what really helps you outthink and outperform the market is the unique advice, creativity and intuition our teams offer.

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