New Report – Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver

While the past few years may not have been the most stable trading conditions – and uncertainty looking set to continue - one thing that’s been demonstrated is the ability of affiliate marketing to deliver reliable revenue to advertisers and publishers.

With our affiliate report for 2022 – Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver – we’re unapologetically focusing on how affiliate marketing delivers advertising that outperforms during times of economic uncertainty, and why the channel is the ideal foundation for resilience.

The report is based on input from members of the Rakuten Advertising International Collective (RAIC), a community of advertisers and publishers from around the world representing the leading edge of affiliate marketing model creation and implementation.

The strategies detailed in the report are designed to inspire advertisers to outthink and outperform their competition, taking advantage of the opportunity to double down on tried and tested affiliate models, while trialling new approaches that will open new streams of revenue for the long term.

Publishers will better understand how they can work more collaboratively with advertisers to achieve their objectives and the strategies and tools they can implement themselves to enhance, extend and further monetize their own offerings.

Affiliate: The Resilient Revenue Driver is made up of five chapters, each focused on a specific approach to finding and engaging new consumers, compressing the customer journey, making more effective use of marketing resources, and aligning to consumer priorities and sentiment. The report’s chapters include:

New Markets, New Revenue
New markets present new opportunities. The affiliate channel is primed to support market expansion growth especially when coupled with local experts.

Brand and Affiliate in Perfect (and Profitable) Partnership
In an economic slowdown, ‘more with less’ becomes the mantra for brands. Viewing brand marketing and affiliate holistically is an effective approach to maximizing budgets.

Sales at the Point of Inspiration
New affiliate models such as embedded commerce are emerging that close the gap between interest, inspiration, action and purchase.

Converting Loyalty into Value
Explore the concept of loyalty in the modern world of affiliate, particularly how it might change in a cost-of-living crisis/slowdown.  Included in this chapter is how consumers are shifting behaviors and becoming loyal to publishers and the emergence of ‘super publishers.’

Doing Well and Doing Good
The conscious consumer is here to stay. Indeed, in a slowing economy and where consumers are having to tighten the purse strings, consciousness about where disposable income is being spent will be even greater. Publishers and advertisers are reacting, and in doing so combining profit and purpose.

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