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Media Strategies for Peak Planning

The 2021 peak shopping period has arrived. Consumers have begun searching for the perfect presents, and brands are competing for their attention.

Brands and agencies can use media strategies to stretch budgets and engage customers to ensure their marketing messages reach consumers during such a pivotal time.  

So how do brands, media buyers, advertising strategist or media planners bring these strategies to life and cut through the competition? We’ve broken it down into simple steps that have a track record of driving advertising success.   

Engage hard to reach audiences  

Whether the target audience is local or global, immersive ad experiences that extend across platforms and devices are a step towards guaranteed reach. Third-party platforms that use proprietary audiences to provide supplementary scale enhance advertising campaigns’ reach and engage consumers that would have otherwise been missed.  

Additionally, platforms that give visibility into audience segments and brand lift studies provide additional data into campaign performance. Understanding metrics such as reach, engagement and click-through-rates (CTR) gives a view into campaigns that can inform future decisions and strategies for brands and agencies.  

Deliver the right message, in the right Moment  

Reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time is advertising 101 and not a new concept. Brands and agencies spend a great deal of resource in trying to achieve this. Using a ‘Moments’ based approach to media planning means that ads can land with audiences when they’re in the right frame of mind to absorb the message. Combined with demographic data, understanding the context of a Moment will transform the effectiveness of advertising.  

Unique media strategies for each platform  

There needs to be a focus on reaching consumers where they choose to spend their time. Whether that’s shopping online or mobile, connecting with family and friends, or streaming their favorite show. There is a platform for everyone.   

  • Rakuten Viki: Use multiple platforms to reach audiences via in-stream video, connected TV or a Soompi Takeover  
  • Rakuten Viber: Engage audiences efficiently through Viber’s chat extensions and chat screen ads or using post-call and call tab advertising  
  • Rakuten TV: Reach consumers who don’t watch traditional TV via advertising-on-demand (AVOD) solutions and engage consumers on the biggest screen in the house 
  • Rakuten France: Leverage a loyal shopping audience with a combination of premium display and video ad formats within an active shopping environment  

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