Industry Profile: Marisol Rossi Gonzalez

This week we launch our Industry Profiles, showcasing the talent across Rakuten Advertising. First up, we speak our UK Senior Manager of Search, Marisol Rossi González.

This week we launch our Industry Profile, showcasing the talent across Rakuten Advertising. Today, we speak with our UK Senior Manager of Search, Marisol Rossi González.

Name and Job title
Marisol Rossi González, Senior Manager 

Years working for Rakuten Advertising
I’ve been with Rakuten Advertising for four years. 

How did you get into Search marketing?
I studied Marketing and Public Relations in college, which gave me a chance to explore a variety of marketing channels, through guest speakers, projects, internships, and more. One of my favourite professors at the time introduced me to the concept of Search Marketing, and from then on, I knew that was what I wanted to do. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I genuinely enjoy the problem-solving aspect of the work I do. Every day and every client is different, and with that comes diverse needs and challenges. Finding the culprit of an issue or developing an out-of-the-box strategy is certainly satisfying, but getting to do it for great clients and with co-workers makes that much better.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing search marketers today?
Sometimes, but especially when conducting audits, I find there’s a disconnect between the marketing strategy and the end consumer’s wants and needs. Marketers need to keep in mind that the changes they implement will affect a person’s perception of the brand and either enhance or end their desire to make a purchase. Maintaining that consumer mindset when developing strategies will, not only, help you achieve business goals, but better serve the very individuals that are of value to your brand. 

What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in your market and from others?
In recent years we have experienced the need for brands to expand to new markets. The UK is not big enough anymore. Brands that are successful and renowned locally are now looking to grow their customer base globally, and with that comes abundant revenue gains but also challenges. Personally, it’s been a satisfying experience helping brands achieve their full potential by developing search strategies in new unexplored territories and learning new things along the way.  

Any advice you give to companies looking to optimise their campaigns?
Adapting to change is key to any successful search account, so experiment as much as you can, even if your current strategy is providing seemingly good results. When testing, there is really only one possible outcome, and that is discovering what works best, with data to back it up. No matter the results of your test, you can be confident it will always be a win.  

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