Rakuten Advertising Wins Big at the GPMA

Twenty-five years ago, Rakuten Advertising were the pioneers leading the way in a new landscape of digital advertising. We broke new ground with affiliate. We outperformed in programmatic and influencer marketing. And we did it globally.

Today, we’re proud to share that our team’s dedication and strategic expertise were recognised at the Global Performance Marketing Awards. Our entries wooed the judges, resulting in Rakuten Advertising taking home a staggering seven awards – the most awards won all evening.

Here is what the judges had to say:

  • Winner: Best Innovation – Powerful testing and insights empower 140% KPI growth for Tory Birch & Rakuten Advertising
    “This is one of the most innovative entries I’ve seen. The robust and iterative testing across channels really impressed me, as well as the level of detail, planning, and innovative thinking.”
  • Winner: Best Partnership – Rakuten Advertising, Lowkey Discord & Microsoft: A tale of a tech giant & Discord
    “A very cool and innovative publisher that was smart to partner with Microsoft to take its service to the next level. I love the creativity and originality displayed in this entry.”
  • Winner: Best Influencer Marketing Campaign – Saks, ShopStyle Collective, and Rakuten unlock influencers to build awareness and 2x sales
    “Clear, astounding, and holistic objectives around influencer marketing with a full-funnel approach through Saks, Shopstyle and Rakuten with amazing results. Great use of high-reach and micro-influencers to target different audiences and expand the chances of reaching good results.”
  • Winner: Best Social Commerce Campaign – Rakuten Advertising, Student Beans & Weekday: Authentically engaging students with TikTok
    “A great campaign that aligned with its true audience in an authentic manner. Great insights to understand the Gen Z market in terms of what they do and don’t like based on advertorials and influencers. Overall, an outstanding collaboration between network, brand, and publisher.”
  • Winner: Best Loyalty Partnership – Rakuten Advertising, PerformID & American Express: Loyalty meets loyal K-pop fans
    “The discount psychology has shown a great understanding of the strategic use of affiliate partnerships and in-depth knowledge of the target audience and demographics. An outstanding and brilliant collaboration between five different parties, forming a strong super partnership: brands, banks, and boy bands!”
  • Winner: Best Affiliate & Partnership Strategy (APAC) – Rakuten Advertising, PerformID & American Express: Superstars & Super Partnerships
    “An incredible multifaceted partnership that led to success for all involved. The key standouts are the carefully orchestrated campaign timings, as well as the full buy-in from all parties. I especially love the creative and out-of-the-box thinking!”
  • Winner: Most Effective use of Programmatic Ad Buying – Rakuten Advertising & CampChef tapping the inner caveperson to drive sales and loyalty
    “It’s refreshing to see this level of creativity in a programmatic campaign, and the fact that the highest ever average ROAS for new customer campaigns was achieved is something to be proud of.”

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to our clients and publisher partners who supported us with these awards and all those who were winners on the night. Performance marketing, including the affiliate channel, has grown to become one of the most influential marketing strategies due to its flexibility, innovation and low-cost strategies. We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading brands and publishers and work with you to drive our industry forward.

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