Announcing the Rakuten Advertising 2023 Preferred & Platinum Agency Partners

Our Agency Support team is consistently striving for success - from our award-winning customer support teams to our innovative technology, this team supports the success of our agency partners. The Agency Services Program provides our affiliate agency partners with innovative tools and solutions to fuel consistent growth for their clients.

These agency partnerships continue to move the industry forward and drive meaningful performance for brands around the world. As a result of this success, we are proud to announce our global list of Platinum and Preferred Agency Partners.

We are particularly thrilled to recognise The Thoughtful Agency as the first Platinum Agency Partner in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market, setting a new standard of excellence for the region. We are inspired by the innovative approaches of all our partners, and we can’t wait to continue pushing boundaries and driving performance for brands around the globe together.

2023 Rakuten Advertising Platinum Agency Partners

  • Advertise Purple
  • AMDX
  • DMI Partners (New in 2023)
  • El Toro Interactive
  • Gen3 Marketing
  • Hawke Media
  • Ovative Group LLC
  • SPRNV (New in 2023)
  • The Thoughtful Agency (New in 2023)
  • Tinuiti
  • Versa Marketing (New in 2023)

2023 Rakuten Advertising Preferred Agency Partners

  • Accelerate Affiliate (New in 2023)
  • Acceleration Partners
  • Acquire Performance Marketing (New in 2023)
  • Alta Media Partners (New in 2023)
  • Assembly Global
  • Backbone Media
  • Blue Cherry Group
  • BRG Communications
  • Bullseye Affiliate Management
  • Bureau de Femme (New in 2023)
  • Code3  (New in 2023)
  • Comm Oddities Inc (New in 2023)
  • Customer First Digital (New in 2023)
  • Dentsu
  • Direct Agents
  • eAccountable
  • ebove & beyond, Inc.
  • FatCat Interactive (New in 2023)
  • Havas Media Mexico (New in 2023)
  • Hit Marketing
  • iAffiliate Management
  • Imajery
  • January Digital
  • JEB Commerce, LLC
  • Lab6 Media (New in 2023)
  • Labelium
  • LT Partners (New in 2023)
  • Media Junkies (New in 2023)
  • Mindgruve (New in 2023)
  • Mint-Performance Marketing (New in 2023)
  • Nate Poeschl
  • Neo Media World
  • PartnerCentric
  • Partnerships Group
  • Perform cb
  • Power Digital (New in 2023)
  • Reload Digital (New in 2023)
  • Revel Interactive
  • RG Affiliate Consulting
  • Rise Interactive
  • Round Barn Labs
  • Samantha Morris
  • Sembox
  • Seven Square Media (New in 2023)
  • Silverbean (New in 2023)
  • Simple Agency (New in 2023)
  • snce group (New in 2023)
  • Snow Consulting
  • Sproutward (New in 2023)
  • Sunnyside Collective (New in 2023)
  • Team Bespoke
  • The Hut Group
  • This is Periscope (New in 2023)
  • ThoughtMix Online Services Ltd
  • Wieden + Kennedy Inc (New in 2023)
  • Within
  • Won Consulting (New in 2023)
  • WPromote

Congratulations to all, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful clients! We understand the importance of finding and growing affiliate agency partnerships and look forward to what’s to come. Learn more about our Agency Services Program.

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