Benefits of a Global Affiliate Network

The affiliate channel is the perfect low-risk, low-cost model for brands looking to expand internationally. And working with a global affiliate network is the logical solution. With offices across the world, a global network can help launch your brand in new markets, and do it right!

Here are three key reasons why working with a global affiliate network is best for brands looking to expand beyond their home country.

Benefit One: Local expertise

A global network means access to local expertise. This gives brands access to account managers who specialise in both affiliate marketing and local market and consumer nuances. They understand the market and the consumers and provide strategic insight into the publisher partners that drive high-value traffic and the best converting promotional offers.

Publisher development experts work to recruit partners that provide innovative technology to reach new and existing audiences. Additionally, they nurture relationships with the largest affiliate players in each market, sharing learnings and best practices that enhance the affiliate industry.

The focus of these teams is, first and foremost, the local market. They provide networking opportunities, insights and best practices into what drives the best possible outcome for their brands and partners. Additionally, Local language experts can assist your brand in communicating with partners or translating messaging.

Benefit Two: Shared learnings 

Every global market behaves differently. Working with a global provider gives you the power to reflect both local channel preferences and universal best practices in your program.

The tumultuous 2020 environment provides a great example of how critical this knowledge can be. Global networks were able to examine the data from countries at different stages of lockdown. The UK was one of the first countries to enter lockdown, enabling data to be collected on changes in consumer behaviour quickly. Those insights were then shared with other markets so brands could be ready to move quickly and prepare for what was to come.

Benefit Three: One global provider

For those focused on international expansion, one of the key benefits of a global affiliate network is having one provider for all markets. Consolidated account management (with local expertise) streamlines reporting and fosters a holistic view of your affiliate campaign.

Furthermore, it means learning one technology platform and consistency in product and tech updates, freeing up resources to focus on optimisation and driving the best performance possible.

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