Product Launch: Affiliate Forecasting

Rakuten Advertising today launched its industry-first Affiliate Forecasting tool.

The newly launched feature provides strategic forecasts and allows advertisers to better maximize affiliate performance and understand the impact of budget changes. Affiliate Forecasting is available within our Insights & Analytics Portal (IAP) and sits alongside Trends, Custom Network Insights, and the Personalized Rewards Report.  

Through this new feature, advertisers can better plan for future campaigns and promotional periods by removing the guesswork with access to on-demand forecasting and budget planning insights. These insights enable clients to make strategic decisions based on their historical program data, in combination with proprietary network and benchmarking insights.  

Affiliate Forecasting is a differentiator in the affiliate landscape, with key benefits for advertisers being 

1. On-Demand Strategic Forecasting  

Affiliate advertisers can access on-demand automated forecasting insights to support future investment decisions and program strategies.  

 2. Proprietary Forecast Modeling  

Our industry-leading forecasting model utilizes historical data specific to the advertiser, in conjunction with Rakuten Advertising vertical benchmarks and network insights. 

3. Global Availability 

Our global advertisers can access the forecasting tool directly within IAP. IAP provides forecasts across each program’s accounts and regions, utilizing all applicable associated data.   

4. Strategic Value for Affiliate Client Across All Service Levels 

Affiliate clients across all service levels can leverage the forecast and budgeting tool if they have been working with Rakuten Advertising for at least one year. To provide directional insights, IAP requires 330 days of continuous order data.  

Rakuten Advertising Affiliate Forecasting gives advertisers a forecasted view of net sales, clicks, orders and net commission metrics based on actions taken within the tool:  

  • Advertisers pick a metric for output.  
  • A timer period and date type (up to 12 months in the future) is selected.
  • Advertisers select the granularity of the forecast.  
  • A custom budget for the time period is provided. (optional) 

Rakuten Advertising Industry First Affiliate Forecasting

4. How can you access Affiliate Forecasting?  

Affiliate Forecasting is available complimentary to all Rakuten Advertising affiliate clients. If you’re an existing affiliate client you will need to make sure that you’re accessing the Insights & Analytics Portal using your using Unified Login credentials. For help with Unified Login, please click here.  

Not an existing Rakuten Advertising client? Visit to speak to one of our team for more information and to get onboarded.  

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