Product Update: Affiliate Forecasting

Do you ever find yourself asking, "what would happen if we changed our base commission rate” or how would increasing commission spend affect your program performance? Our Affiliate Forecaster tool removes the guesswork for you. Launched in late 2021, the pioneering solution has received an exciting update.

We knew we could do more with less. Our product experts worked hard to tweak the data-science behind the model, and today, we are excited to announce that you can now use Affiliate Forecasting with as little as 30-days of continuous order data.

Available at no extra cost, Affiliate Forecasting is a powerful, on-demand tool providing data-driven affiliate performance forecasts that take your campaigns to the next level. Built by our in-house data-scientists the tool combines your historical data, proprietary network insights, and vertical benchmarks so you can better see what’s coming and what’s possible, for more informed, more confident decision making. The insights provided support future investment strategies* and helps you build a case for affiliate spend within your business.

Found within our Insights and Analytics Portal, alongside a suite of other performance-focused reports, you can better maximize your affiliate performance and understand the impact of budget changes.

Here are a couple of ways Affiliate Forecasting can be used:

  1. Your budgets have suddenly changed

We’ve built an ‘input custom budget’ functionality into Affiliate Forecasting. Simply input your custom budget, which overrides the default recommended budget, and you can run a forecast and have your results in seconds. You can forecast against key metrics, including:

  • Net sales
  • Clicks
  • Orders
  • Net Commissions
  1. You need to know what performance patterns to expect for key time periods

With Affiliate Forecasting, you can run a forecast on your net sales, clicks, orders, and net commissions. Armed with this insight, you can effectively justify budget spend, determine new strategies to improve performance, and achieve your KPIs more effectively.

Get started today

Start taking advantage of data-driven affiliate predictions. Access our complimentary Affiliate Forecasting via the Insights and Analytics Portal or contact your Rakuten Advertising account representative. Don’t get left behind. Make smarter moves quicker than ever and deliver performance that exceeds expectations.

*Disclaimer: The data provided by affiliate forecasting is directional. As with all forecasting, there is a high risk of variance. 

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