Rakuten Advertising Launches Linkless Code Tracking

Rakuten Advertising is excited to launch Linkless Code Tracking for advertisers and publishers.

a smiling woman and man looking at a single phoneThis solution takes the power of affiliate marketing beyond traditional channels into social, connected TV, print media, podcasts and more, helping brands to elevate their affiliate strategy and reach consumers where they choose to spend their time.

Linkless Code Tracking is an enhancement to our core tracking technology that allows Rakuten Advertising to commission a publisher based on the use of an exclusive code at checkout, even when no click has occurred. This new feature removes cookie and browser dependencies from the performance partnership model, opening doors to new models for advertisers and new earning opportunities for publishers.

Linkless Code Tracking will now sit alongside other tools like Multi-Touch Commissioning and Dynamic Commissioning – to give advertisers flexible ways to reward and give publishers ways to earn commissions that match their business model and consumer mission.

Linkless Code Tracking for Advertisers:

  • By using Linkless Code Tracking, advertisers can invite influencers and ambassadors to join their Rakuten Advertising program, create exclusive codes for them, and rest assured, only those assigned partners will get rewarded for sales made using those codes.
  • Advertisers can bring their favorite podcasters into their Rakuten Advertising program and pay them commission when customers hear the code on the show and later make a purchase with it.

Linkless Code Tracking for Publishers:

  • Publishers have endless ways to reimagine the campaigns they build for brands using Linkless Codes – maybe a new social channel, a podcast mention, or a mailer? Reach out to advertiser partners to pitch ideas and request a Linkless Code.
  • Concerned that not all shoppers click before purchasing? Linkless codes help ensure code-assigned publishers get rewarded for conversions, even when no click happens in the purchase journey. Rakuten attributes commission based on the use of an exclusive code, rather than a click.

“Linkless Code tracking provides advertisers and publishers full transparency and the most accurate performance metrics into their online promotional campaigns,” said Mike Collins, Sales Director at Bravo Savings Network. “This new technology will lead to better optimization, greater ROI and stronger advertiser & publisher partnerships,” Collins said.

“Going Linkless is the next big step in creating a seamless online shopping experience,” said Coco Lin, Sr. Strategic Partnership Manager at 55HaiTao. Many of the newer social platforms have prevented tracking capabilities on content blogs and videos, which makes it hard to track performance other than counting the total “likes” and comments. If Linkless tracking can provide the needed transparency in influencer marketing, it opens the door for next-level partnerships!” Lin Said.

Linkless code tracking removes the walls around affiliate marketing and positions our publisher partners and advertisers for growth. We are excited to welcome Linkless Code Tracking to the suite of Rakuten Advertising affiliate solutions that support strategic partnerships and reward publishers across the consumer journey.

If you have questions or want to know how Rakuten Advertising’s Linkless Code tracking can work for your brand, contact us today.

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