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Increasing Reach with Rakuten Viber

Rakuten Viber is one of the world’s most popular calling and messaging apps that connects people, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

As mobile continues its rise as the device of choice for consumers across the globe, advertisers can leverage the Rakuten Viber inventory to reach 1.1b unique global users where they choose to spend their time.

Available exclusively through Rakuten Advertising, brands can employ highly-targeted advertising strategies to reach Viber users in a brand-safe environment. Furthermore, Rakuten Viber utilises exclusive first-party data to ensure they’re reaching the right consumer with the right message.

Key Benefits of Rakuten Viber:

In addition to exclusive first-party data and reach, there are many benefits for brands who advertise on Rakuten Viber:

  • 7M daily interactions occur on Viber
  • Viber is the #1 messaging app for travellers
  • Viber’s audience base is mainly urban families and professionals that love travelling, shopping and are always connected
  • 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • 100% mobile and in-app formats for higher brand safety
  • 65% viewability globally

Connecting in the Moment

While targeting and demographics are a vital component of an advertising strategy, Rakuten Viber also allows brands to connect with consumers within the context of a ‘Moment’. Social and emotional Moments, when people are travelling or not, sharing a Moment with families and friend while apart. Users are most receptive to Viber ads during breaks (at school or work) or on the road (trains, bus or car). Through Viber, brands can become part of the sharing moment that consumers enjoy.

Rakuten Viber Ad Variants

Combining high viewability and robust targeting capabilities, brands can utilise the many mobile ad formats available:

  • Post-call: When a user ends a call on their mobile device, they immediately see a visually rich ad that contains short text plus an image linking to a URL to track user interaction with a brands ad.
  • Call Tab: Call screen combines calls and contacts into one screen, increasing traffic and allowing users to see a brands ad before their call.
  • Main Chat Screen: The most viewed screen on Viber now has ads! With seamless and nonintrusive integration into the chat screen, ads are seen and welcomed as part of the experience.
  • Business Chat Inbox: Only one click away from the chat list and the second most-viewed screen of the app, the Business chat inbox, is available for brands targeting users in Russia.
  • Explore: Ads appear along the Explore screen with recommended news, curated chatbots, communities and Viber updates.

Want to find out how your brand or agency can leverage the unique targeting capabilities and audience reach of Rakuten Viber? Visit today to speak to one of our experts.

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