Marketing Strategies

The Power of Context: CTV Drives 60% Brand Recall

The generally accepted rule of advertising states a consumer must see an advert seven times for it to settle in. This has been the basis for traditional TV broadcasting strategies for decades.

DealMaker USA Guide for the Best Things to Do and See in Austin, TX

Our 2022 USA DealMaker is being held this year in Austin, Texas (if you don’t know, now you know)! Make sure to register to get in on all the networking, learning, and fun!
Marketing Strategies

Reengaging Consumers with Affiliate Marketing

For many brands, reengaging lapsed customers is a primary focus of their marketing strategy. Brands often establish Loyalty and Rewards programs to encourage repeat purchases and remarketing emails and advertising.
Budget Savvy Bride: Jessica Bishop

Publisher Spotlight: The Budget Savvy Bride

Rakuten Advertising had the honor of sitting down with the founder of Budget Savvy Bride, Jessica Bishop. Read more on how she built her exciting brand!

2022 Golden Link Award Finalists and Choice Awards

We are honored to announce the 2022 Golden Link Award finalists!

Transforming Compliance for Financial Services

With the pandemic accelerating interest in online banking, brands in the financial services industry are spending more on digital advertising than ever.

Affiliate Trends for Summer – From Graduation to Back-to-School

Summers fly by, that’s no question, but with the huge number of graduation ceremonies, parties, and the eventual back-to-school panic, they can fly by even quicker.

Daybreaker CEO & Co-Founder Radha Agrawal to be DealMaker USA 2022 Keynote

DealMaker USA 2022 is back in person and better than ever. This year’s DealMaker USA will feature Radha Agrawal as the keynote speaker. She will be presenting on community and the work that she has done to foster it wherever she goes.
Marketing Strategies

Earth Day 2022: A Partnership for the Planet

The official theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet, with a call for an All In approach businesses, governments and citizens. Like many, we at Rakuten Advertising are working to do our bit.

Rakuten Advertising Launches Interactive CTV Ad Formats

Rakuten Advertising, in partnership with Innovid, recently launched its Interactive Connected TV (CTV) Ad Format available to advertisers and agencies via Rakuten TV and Rakuten Viki.

Growing a Financial Affiliate Marketing Program with Peace of Mind

As the financial space continues to evolve with the rise of fintech and neobanking, brands are constantly on the lookout for more innovative ways to reach their customers.

Rakuten Advertising Launches Linkless Code Tracking

Rakuten Advertising is excited to launch Linkless Code Tracking for advertisers and publishers.