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How the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Became a Fall Icon

By Rakuten Advertising | September 9, 2016

Despite living in the Midwest now, I was born and raised in Boston and consider myself a New Englander through-and-through. That means I have an affinity for seafood, think Tom […]

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Case Study: Improving ROI and Avoiding Pitfalls with Paid Placements

By Rakuten Advertising | August 18, 2016

Although paid placements can have a record-shattering ROI for advertisers (as one luxury brand retailer learned when they decided to have a paid placement campaign) many advertisers are highly nervous […]

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3 Holiday Shopping Trends on the Rise in 2016!

By Rakuten Advertising | August 2, 2016

The holiday season is continuing to evolve as consumers develop new ways to shop and pick up their products, use different devices during their shopping process, and find different and […]

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Industry Insights June 2016: Affiliate Influencers, Investing Strategies, & Media Behaviors

By Rakuten Advertising | June 29, 2016

How much are influencers in affiliate marketing worth? There’s no question that publishers have a reach into certain audiences, but the influence they have within those communities is just as […]

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