Apple's ITP 2.2In an ongoing effort to provide our brands with the latest updates on changes to browser tracking technology, we are providing an update to a recent blog post.  As noted, in 2017 Apple released a new feature for Safari browsers called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). The ITP functionality alters how Safari manages cookies, initially targeting access to cookies in a third-party context. Apple has continued to iterate on the ITP functionality since then, and with their most recent release of ITP 2.2, Apple is now targeting cookies accessible in first-party context when they deem them to be used for consumer tracking purposes. This latest update overrides the first-party defined expiration period of the seven-day cookie window to a one-day cookie window.

The advancement of technology that allows browsers to block tracking is a direct reflection of consumer relationships with online advertising. Consumers are taking a stance against advertising that is too frequent or intrusive to their online experience. Rakuten Marketing is committed to making online advertising more informed and valuable to consumers, producing relevant and engaging experiences that enrich their lives. In light of recent changes, Rakuten Marketing continues to invest in technology and products that protect our clients and partners from the impacts of harder-to-navigate tracking settings, enabling advertisers and publishers to continue working together efficiently.

We encourage our advertisers to update their tracking to our most robust tracking solutions, including:

  • Rakuten Marketing Enterprise Web Services (EWS): A server-to-server tracking process not affected by cookie blocking technology. The EWS process is robust due to its security, reliability and flexibility, which includes real-time reporting.
  • Single Point of Integration (SPI) container tag: This tagging technology allows advertisers to collect data that helps provide consumers with relevant ad experiences that enhances their online experience, as well as accurately identify publisher contributions. Our Search experts also work closely with Google to implement best practices that circumvent tracking prevention technologies, enabling us to continue driving increased campaign performance.

Not only do these solutions help navigate tracking prevention technologies, but they also provide additional features for AI and machine learning purposes, allowing for greater optimization of ad campaigns, driving improved performance for advertisers and publishers alike.

Rakuten Marketing aims to continually educate brands on the ever-changing digital landscape, which includes topics such as data privacy, ad fraud, consumer shopping behavior and advertising expectations, and more. Not only does Rakuten Marketing hope to be brands’ liaison for digital marketing knowledge, we also intend to create and deliver ways and products brands can utilize to ensure better online experiences and performance.