Rakuten Marketing has released its consumer management platform to help advertisers, publishers and brands achieve a uniform consent signal to gather and process consumer data. 

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Rakuten Marketing has launched a new consent management platform (CMP). This CMP is developed to help brands, advertisers and publishers gain consent under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25. The CMP has been tested and received the highest consent adoption rate over other tested messaging.

This consent tool complies with the requirements and specifications of IAB Europe / Tech Lab Transparency and Consent Framework. This framework provides a trustworthy and reliable solution to marketers that creates a standard language used to secure consumer ‘consent’ for use of their personal data on a global level. Through the IAB framework, brands, advertisers and publishers can deliver informed and unambiguous consent banners. This enables consumers to have a transparent understanding of what personal information is being collected and how it’s used in the context of online ads and marketing campaigns.

Our ITP is a cookie-less solution that allows Rakuten Marketing to track the activities of a consumer without dropping a cookie on the user’s browser. This solves for the Apple’s ITP restrictions and reduces the risk of cookie loss and missing order inquiries.

A primary goal for Rakuten Marketing is to provide advertisers, publishers and brands with a trustworthy and reliable solution in gaining consent from consumers to collect personal data. Our CMP is a free, open-sourced platform that integrates into existing marketing and IT technologies that achieves this goal. Visit our CMP landing pages for more information. You can find the U.S. page here and the U.K. page here.