purple mattress affiliate partner, rakuten marketing affiliate

Direct to Consumer brands (D2C) are becoming increasingly more popular, which drives a need for new ways to stand out in an already competitive online landscape. Purple, a comfort product company, is a perfect example of a growing D2C brand ready to take the next step with their marketing strategies to better reach, engage and convert new customers and continue their growth.

To help accomplish this, Purple has selected Rakuten Marketing to drive its affiliate marketing strategy across the customer journey. From leveraging products to utilizing data powered by artificial intelligence, Purple and the Rakuten Marketing team aim to:

  • Access new, growing affiliates that it hasn’t worked with before
  • Enable authentic connections at scale
  • Improve efficiency and performance of its campaigns

Pairing more than 20 years of industry experience and Purple’s willingness to test and learn, Rakuten Marketing will help continue building on the success and growth for this D2C brand.

Learn more about the partnership here.