Q: Tell us a little about Global Savings Group.
A: Global Savings Group (GSG) (SID: 3262268) is a PubTech platform for commerce content operating 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize by delivering products, recommendations, deals and discounts to consumers. By assisting millions of consumers to make smarter shopping decisions, GSG enables advertisers to reach high-intent users at scale in 20+ markets around the world.

Founded in 2012, GSG’s fast-growing team of 400+ of tech enthusiasts, online marketers, account managers and editors, funnel more than 1.5 million purchases every month. By aggregating the editorial curation and distribution of commerce content on one unique technology stack, GSG is transforming the way consumers buy, brands sell, and digital publishers earn – one transaction at a time.

Q: What kind of advertisers would make a good partnership match for GSG?
GSG is a global publisher with a wide portfolio of services. We service over 20,000 clients across different industries and in multiple sectors. That includes fashion retailers, cosmetics providers, computer manufacturers, travel services, and even restaurants that benefit from our in-store technology.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?
A: Rakuten Marketing is an important affiliate partner for us globally. GSG is a global player and working with a like-minded affiliate partner is the key to success.

Q: GSG is known as an innovative publisher. Can you share with us one of your latest innovations?
A: One of our new innovations is the Dynamic.Coupons, which allow advertisers to pursue new coupon strategies, such as up-selling and cross-selling. This strategy gives the advertiser control to select who qualifies for the coupon, when the coupon appears to a user, and where to display the coupon.

In the past months, we have managed to onboard some of Europe’s largest retailers and with the current onboarding speed, we will soon have the majority of our most important advertisers live with Dynamic.Coupons. On average, we are seeing customers spending between 15-20% more when shopping with a Dynamic Coupon. We have also seen conversion improve by over 20%. We believe that our Dynamic.Coupons product has the potential to change voucher/coupon code usage online on a broad basis over the next years.

Q: What is a typical use case for the Dynamic.Coupons?
A: One of the most popular use cases is up-selling. Imagine a customer browsing online. She is adding items to her basket. Upon checkout, she visits one of our many savings platforms to find a good deal. Instead of seeing a regular coupon available to everyone, she sees a Dynamic Coupon tailored to match what is in the basket. Spend an extra $30 and get 10% off. The customer is happy because she received a better, non-generic discount. The advertiser is happy as AOV rises, CVR improves, and margins are protected.

A leading global cosmetic and beauty brand with over &2.5 billion in annual revenues approached us to help optimize their coupon strategy in France. With a price-sensitive audience, coupons have always played an important role in their online business. However, they wanted to adopt in-store upselling methods to their online store and increase spending from their savvy shopper segment.

We recommended Dynamic.Coupons. The main objective of the campaign was to prove an incentive for customers to add an extra product to their basket. With the Dynamic.Coupons live, the total order value increased by 190.46%. In addition, conversions improved by 35.59%, and the number of transactions shot through the roof at an increase of 219.9%.

Q: You claim that Dynamic.Coupons might change the voucher and coupon code industry. Why do you think so?
A: Going from traditional codes to Dynamic.Coupons is like upgrading from a Nokia 3310 to an iPhone. The basics are the same, but the possibilities with the Dynamic.Coupons are much greater.

When our advertisers get accustomed to the functionalities and the improved results of the Dynamic.Coupons, we find it hard to believe that they would ever want to go back. Once advertisers see the advantages of a customized coupon, they are unlikely to return to a generic strategy.

Q: What does it take to get started with Dynamic.Coupons?
A: We learned very early that implementation must to be easy, which is why we came up with a four-step implementation process.

  1. Identify the objective.
  2. Implement Dynamic.Coupons script.
  3. Populate tags, using any tag manager.
  4. Define scenarios and generate coupons.

Overall, the technical setup does not take more than 20 minutes. Defining objectives and deciding on scenarios, is typically the time-consuming part. We have trained our local GSG teams across all markets to be able to advise our advertisers on the best objectives and scenarios for their business.

Q: What can we expect from GSG in the near future?
A: You can expect a lot of exciting innovations from GSG. We are working on some interesting new services for our advertisers and users. It is a little too early to reveal what we are working on, but what is true for all our services is that they will have a dynamic element to them and will help us become an even more relevant publisher for our partners and advertisers.

If you are interested in learning more about Dynamic.Coupons or becoming an early adopter of some of our new innovations, reach out to your account manager or partner with us in the Advertiser Dashboard by searching SID 3262268.