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Q: Tell us a little about CouponBirds.

A: CouponBirds (SID: 3323286) now plays a leading role among dozens of savings resources in the U.S. after five years of operation. Back in 2015, CouponBirds was created to offer real-time, accurate promotion information, saving online shoppers from time-consuming coupon hunting. In 2018, the CouponBirds team reached over one hundred employees, including coupon specialists, engineers, UI designers, data scientists, product managers and operations. The large team of full-time coupon specialists focuses on sourcing and validating new coupons and deals every day. Based in Beijing, China, the team continues to stay on top of global shopping and market trends. The increasingly close economic connections between countries enable CouponBirds to deliver products, discounts and services to global consumers and drive millions of sales for global brands every month.

Q: Can you share some highlights from your program?

A: CouponBirds has been the best platform for brand coverage, coupon freshness and accuracy through a series of tests. Thousands of coupons are updated and validated every day. Our team works hard to make CouponBirds the first choice for consumers. The number of unique visitors has tripled over the last three years and our site has hosted over 50,000 online stores and brands across 10 countries. With organic traffic leading a major part of our monthly visitors, CouponBirds executes the consumer experience perfectly with conversion rates as high as 61%.

Q: Which advertisers would make a successful partnership with CouponBirds?

A: CouponBirds works with all advertisers offering discounts and promotions for consumers. Top-performing partners are in the Fashion and Accessories, Home and Garden, Travel and Food industries. CouponBirds is the favorite for small and mid-sized brands in the US because working with us can boost sales and increase conversion rates for their businesses.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about CouponBirds.

A: The CouponBirds logo is a well-liked, adorable red and green bird. On each holiday and festival, our designers will create a fresh, beautiful suit for her with a hat and accessories.

Q: Describe your company in one word.

A: Innovative.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing affiliate network?

A: Rakuten Marketing has a world-class affiliate network. The collaboration between Rakuten Marketing and CouponBirds helps more users save money on their purchases. We are glad to work with Rakuten Marketing as a publisher connecting billions of users and thousands of merchants. The accountable staff is also very impressive and helpful.

Q: What’s next for CouponBirds?

A: With five years of hard work dedicated to focusing on improving coupon coverage and accuracy, CouponBirds is now widely accepted as a trustworthy savings platform for millions of monthly visitors. The next step is devoting more time and effort to our marketing and publicity to increase awareness so more customers and advertisers can begin to know and use CouponBirds to help more visitors make smarter decisions and save money.

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CouponBirds cares about the customer first. Each and every person on our team is dedicated to providing the best brand coverage, coupon accuracy, coupon freshness. The strong cohesion of the company culture and the unbeatable forward momentum make CouponBirds an easy partnership choice.

If you are interested in partnering with CouponBirds, search for SID 3323286 in the Advertiser Dashboard.