[Podcast] Understand and Reach Chinese Consumers: Interview with Alex Hart of 55Haitao

dealmaker scottsdale, rakuten marketing, podcast interview, chinese consumers, networking, 55haitao, rakuten marketing radioThere is a quote I stay mindful of when I approach the world of digital marketing: “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” I may not literally know nothing, but that quote serves a strong reminder that no matter how much I think I know, there are plenty who know more and I would be wise to learn from them. That’s why I consider myself so lucky to be able to attend Rakuten Marketing conferences such as DealMaker Scottsdale and DealMaker New York – there is a convergence of experts from all over with so much knowledge that I don’t have. And I take advantage of that by speaking with as many people as possible.

For example, take Alex Hart of 55Haitao. Alex and I met at DealMaker Scottsdale during that transition from an afternoon of networking into an evening of happy hours and socializing. Alex and I struck up a conversation and before long I realized just how much I could learn from him. Alex is an expert on marketing to Chinese consumers, from the behaviors they display to the misconceptions that marketers have about what these shoppers value. Enthralled with what he had to say and eager to learn more, I jumped at the opportunity to record an interview with him for the Rakuten Marketing Radio podcast. We had an amazing conversation that lasted well over a half hour, and as soon as I hit the stop button…the file corrupted and all the audio was lost. Lucky for me, Alex was understanding and we re-recorded the interview we just had, which you can listen to below.

In this interview with Alex Hart of 55Haitao, you will learn:

  • Common Chinese consumer trends in 2018
  • Key Opinion Leaders: what you need to know about China’s influencer marketers
  • Misconceptions about reaching Chinese consumers
  • How to become a more effective marketer

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