Rakuten Affiliate Network has officially launched our Brand Quality and Regulatory Compliance service! This program is designed to help advertisers work more closely with publisher partners to identify any areas of reputational or legal risk to their brand.

Our account managers and Network Quality teams work closely to monitor the network. Account managers perform regular reviews of publisher applications, continually assess publisher business models, and conduct reviews of accepted publishers if something appears to be out of compliance. The Network Quality team monitors the network daily for fraudulent activities. 

Our Brand Quality and Regulatory Compliance service is another layer of security that we are now offering to our advertisers. This subscription service helps advertisers monitor their brand according to the latest federal requirements and the ever-changing ecommerce landscape. Our team focuses on monitoring, reporting, risk assessments and remediation services in addition to adherence to proper material relationship disclosures, social media sponsored campaigns as well as other claims like “made in the USA,” environmental, and “free.”

Want to learn more?

Contact your account manager or email brandquality@rakuten.com to have all your questions answered.