Find out what your data is telling you with the Insights Wizard, a new update on the Cadence attribution tool.

The role of the modern marketer has fundamentally evolved. The days of being channel-focused and single disciplined are quickly vanishing. Brands are looking for marketers who are focused on the entire marketing ecosystem; marketers who are competent in their knowledge of all things digital, from advertising and creative to analysis and insights.

This rapid evolution is causing headaches for marketers. With campaigns to manage, projects to oversee and data to sift through, working smarter, not harder, has become a key part of success.

The key to making smarter decisions is smarter data. With this in mind, we want to empower our clients and make it as easy as possible to get meaningful cross-channel insights in an easier way. While we’re always on-hand to provide data and insight support, we at the same time appreciate that the ability to ‘do it yourself’ is the best way forward when time is precious.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Insights Wizard, a feature of our insights and attribution platform Cadence. Available to all of our clients at no additional cost, Insights Wizard lets marketers create downloadable reports that provide cross-channel attributed insights at the click of a button.

Much like Cadence, Insights Wizard has been built from the ground up, using not only our own experiences as performance marketers and data scientists, but also using our clients’ own experiences and challenges.

We reviewed common data and insight requests we received and fused them with what’s important to marketers today. The result is three key reporting themes which look to answer the most pressing performance questions across affiliate, display, and search marketing channels.

Acquisition behavior report: get to the heart of how customers are acquired

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of any business. A challenge many face, however, is understanding which strategies and activities are the most effective at driving orders from new customers.

Cadence’s Insights Wizard looks to meet this challenge. Using the acquisition behavior report, you can uncover what activity generates the newest customer revenue, what activity is the most effective at driving new users to sites and even the cost associated with acquiring new users.

Click and receive: acquisition report in Insights Wizard

How can this data be practically used? By understanding which publishers, display ads or keywords are the most effective at driving new customer revenue, marketing activity can be better optimized to support new customer acquisition strategies.

Conversion funnel report: widen the lens on the purchasing funnel and become a master of multichannel marketing

You might still be stuck in the last-click rut. It’s not uncommon but it is fundamentally flawed. Without a view of each touchpoint that led to a conversion, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The conversion funnel report is the answer. Using this report, you are equipped with the data to see which touchpoints helped support a sale.

An example of how this can be used is to demonstrate the value of upper funnel activity. Maybe some of these questions sound familiar:

Just how effective are my influencers? What is the real value of my display brand awareness campaigns? Should I turn off search keywords that focus on discovery?

This report provides the answers, enabling you to truly understand the full path to purchase and, once and for all, become what the industry is demanding: a master of multichannel marketing.

Run reports for affiliate, display, search and across channels

On-site performance report: find the right audience and drive a higher conversion rate 

If you can’t see which publishers, display ads or search campaigns are driving the most engaged users to the site, you run the real risk of wasting that increasingly hard to justify ad spend.

The on-site performance report looks to address this challenge. By showcasing the activity that is the most effective at driving engaged users and quality traffic to sites, this report enables you to optimize your marketing to focus on those elements that attract the right audience.

Uncover which publishers, ads, and keywords are resonating with the brand and product or service most effectively. Armed with this insight, you can begin to invest smartly in what really drives an engaged and relevant user who actually buys. 

Accessible data available at the click of a button 

Not everyone who chose to get into marketing is a data-geek or an Excel black belt, we know that. That’s why we’ve made cross-channel attributed insights available in the Insights Wizard at the click of a button.

Each downloaded report features helpful instructions on both using the data and navigating the report. We’ve also included glossaries in each report, giving easy to understand explanations of what each metric means, along with a few practical examples of what questions you can ask of the data.

Better still, we’ve made it possible to schedule the reports to run automatically whenever needed, delivering them straight to your inbox for those looming quarterly reports.

Elevate your marketing to the next level

Data needn’t be scary or complicated – but let’s not sugar coat it – it is quickly becoming the most valuable asset you can have. In fact, a recent eMarketer study of digital marketers found that cross-channel measurement and attribution will occupy their time the most above many other marketing tactics.

Chances are you’re in the above group, so why not get started with Insights Wizard now and uncover the power of your data. Insights Wizard is available in Cadence now and is live in the platform when you log in.

For our existing clients who haven’t yet launched on Cadence, contact your account manager and ask about Cadence to get launched in as little as 30 days at absolutely no additional cost.

Finally, if you’re entirely new to Rakuten Marketing and thinking of working with us, please do contact us on our website.