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In recent years, internet advertising has struggled to get it right. Advertisers have been beset by online fraud, and consumers have had to contend with cluttered online environments and slow page loads. Walled gardens” (including social media platforms), the increasing difficulty acquiring user data, and the widespread use of ad blockers is presenting challenges to the modern marketer.  Together these restrict the insights that brands can get from data about prospective customers. Yet, consumers assume that brands know them and expect a more personalized and strategic approach from advertisers.

The result is that customers have become disengaged or hyper-demanding. It is now critical for advertisers to evolve in order to protect and elevate the advertiser-consumer relationship.

At Rakuten Marketing, we see great potential in AI to help you put consumers at the heart of your campaigns.

Platforms that are harnessing artificial intelligence are augmenting the work of marketers and allowing them to dynamically adjust advertising practices to match the “live” wants and expectations of online audiences. Using data and increasingly sophisticated information technology, marketers will move faster than ever to refine target audiences, more accurately predict customers’ next steps and deliver more personal, timely, and highly relevant ad experiences to increasingly curated sets of customers and potential customers.

To better understand AI’s impact on marketing, we turned to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to research the opportunity that AI represents. In this sponsored report, we give you the keys to put AI-enabled digital marketing into practice.

Artificial intelligence coupled with new tools and capabilities are doing more, freeing marketers to be more creative and less task oriented.  In short, AI is giving marketers their mojo back.

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