The Rakuten Affiliate Network is excited to announce the launch of a new tool – Automate! Now you will be able to automatically create commission-generating affiliate links from the URLs you publish. 

You won’t have to manually create deep links anymore. Automate will automatically deep link your published URLs you post on your site. You can install Automate and post standard links with no extra work required. When your website visitors click your links, Automate instantly turns your standard links into affiliate links.

How Does Automate Work?

Creating commission-generating deep links has previously been a manual process through the Publisher Dashboard. With Automate, you can completely cut out the manual steps and simply paste the standard advertiser link to your site. Automate will do the rest of the work for you!

Is There Any Integration Or Setup I Need To Install Automate?

If You’re an Advertiser: As an advertiser, there is no action required on your part to enable this for your publishers. And since Automate just enables the ability to create a deep link, transactions referred by Automate-enabled links will appear as Deep Links in your Link Type Report.

Please Note: If your program doesn’t currently have the deep linking functionality enabled, Automate will NOT override that functionality. 

If You’re a Publisher: To use Automate, you’ll install a small snippet of JavaScript into your website HTML. This is an easy and straightforward process. To access the code, all you have to do is navigate to your RAN dashboard, go to “Portfolio” and select “Automate”. Once installed, Automate will handle all the deep linking for you.

How Is Automate Different From The Competition?

  • Direct partnerships: With Automate, you get to take advantage of your direct relationships with advertisers and you don’t have to go through the manual deep link process.
  • Include a U1: If you normally include U1 values with your deep links, you can continue to do this with Automate. Automate allows you to setup any number of scripts, each with a U1 value of your choice. Just install the script with your specified U1 and your automatically created deep links will report with your U1 value.
  • Compatibility: If Automate is not able to affiliate a link, we will not block your other auto-linking scripts from running. Automate will stand down and let the normal process take place. Automate also does not affect previously affiliated links. If your link is already affiliated with RAN or any network, Automate will not affect it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who has access to Automate? All Publishers in the US, UK, AU, and CA.
  2. How can I find out if my publishers are using Automate? To find out if one of your publisher partners is using Automate, simply go to a page on their website and click on one of their links. If Automate is enabled, you will see that the link contains affiliate information such as the linksynergy domain, Publisher ID and more.
  3. How can I find out more about Automate? Please check out this Help Center article for all the details:

NEXT STEPS: Getting Started with Automate

Go to your Portfolio “Automate” page in your Dashboard to grab your unique JavaScript snippet. To do that, go to “Portfolio” on your dashboard homepage and select “Automate” from the drop down list. It’s really that easy!