Rakuten Marketing is excited to announce the launch of our newest advertiser tool, Partnership Dashboard. The Partnership Dashboard gives advertisers a fully customized, branded interface where publishers can easily connect with the brands they want to work with and join their program. At the same time, partners maintain all the benefits of working with a large affiliate network, including the technology, measurement, consumer insights and strategic counsel.This dashboard provides a gateway for advertisers to recruit and nurture relationships with specialty and niche supporters of their brand. It was designed for potential publisher partners who may not be familiar with affiliate marketing, but want to collaborate with an advertiser. These partners include, but are not limited to, micro influencers, international publishers, in-store sales associates, or other unique audiences seeking a true 1:1 relationship with a brand.

The dashboard will provide partners with:

  • An advertiser-branded login screen and interface, including the ability to customize text, font, text links and buttons
  • Snap-shot performance metrics on the home page and in-depth reporting that can be customized by the user
  • Functionality to find and copy the latest links (both text and banner)
  • The ability to generate deeplinks to product pages of choice and generate showcase galleries using Curate, Rakuten Marketing’s product discovery tool
  • An overview of current and pending advertiser offers
  • Detailed payment and invoice history

If you are interested in the Partnership Dashboard and would like to discuss more, read our press release and reach out to your account representative today.