If you’ve attended any recent affiliate marketing event, you probably couldn’t avoid coming across a notable agency and one of their clients: Dorco. Chances are, you’ve already shaved at least once with a Dorco razor received from these guys.

We’d like to introduce you to the agency behind the Dorco blitz into affiliate marketing: Eight Horses (SID: 3166857), a Southern California based, full service advertising agency.

If you’re thinking about how they came out of nowhere into the industry, that’s because they typically serve their clients for all advertising, marketing and creative services rather than focusing only on specific channels like the affiliate space.  The team at Eight Horses will often describe themselves as an outsourced marketing department rather than just an agency.  Since 2006, they’ve served over 600 clients and continue to be one of the most active agencies in the West Coast.

“When we’re at events, people think we are employees of our client company.  That’s perfectly fine with me.  In fact, you can say that’s our goal.  We’re not there to promote ourselves.  We’re there to promote our client,” said John Park, CEO and Founder of Eight Horses.

When asked about Eight Horses, Ken Hill, CEO of Dorco USA commented, “John and team are truly an extension of our company.  I have no idea how they have time to serve other clients.  They really do make us feel as if we are their only client.  The affiliate program via Rakuten Affiliate Network, managed by Eight Horses, has returned an amazing ROI during our hyper-growth phase.  We would highly recommend.”

John has been a huge believer of the affiliate industry for a long time and because of the firm’s recent activities in the space, they are now taking on OPM-specific clients.  Amazingly, he told us that his first use of LinkShare, now Rakuten Affiliate Network, was back in 1999.  When we learned of this, we inquired as to what his team’s perspective, approach and overall strategies were to maximize results for their clients in the affiliate industry.  We’re happy to report that our initial conversations led to a collaborative knowledge series about the industry from an agency perspective.  In the coming weeks, we will release our collaborative pieces that are sure to assist you in optimizing and maximizing your results through affiliate marketing.

“No fluff.  Let’s give them something they can use.  The Affiliate Industry needs to be taken very seriously.  It’s growing exponentially–projected at well over 4.4 Billion (BI Intelligence) as of last year.  If you’re serious about e-commerce, your overall strategy must include an affiliate marketing strategy,” added John Park.

The Rakuten Affiliate Network team along with the team at Eight Horses hope you’ll benefit from this upcoming series.