This edition of Affiliate Advertiser Spotlight features Function of Beauty, an innovative beauty brand that understands the importance of personalization.function of beauty, rakuten marketing affiliate advertiser

Rakuten Marketing highlights one of its affiliate advertiser clients, Function of Beauty, so others within the network can learn more about the brand and possibly begin collaboration!

Q: Tell us a little about Function of Beauty

A: Founded by a team of world-class cosmetic scientists, MIT engineers and developers, Function of Beauty is the first-of-its-kind personal care company to create personalized shampoo and conditioner formulations. Each bottle is individually filled and formulated based on an individual’s unique hair type, hair goals, and personal preferences.

Q: Can you share some highlights from Function of Beauty’s program?

A: We have a competitive baseline offer of 5% commission, as well as eye-catching banners and text links to entice the consumer.

Q:  What types of publishers is Function of Beauty looking to partner with?

A: We are looking to partner with premium content-focused publishers

Q: Describe Function of Beauty in one word.

A: Hyper-personalized

Q: What’s one fun fact about Function of Beauty?

A: We’ve shipped more than 1 million unique formulas and no two have ever been the same!

Q: What new products/lines is Function of Beauty coming out with? 

A: We recently launched the world’s first fully customizable leave-in treatment. We also always come out with new seasonal fragrances and colors so stay tuned…

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing to be your affiliate network?

A: We chose Rakuten because we think it is one of the best affiliate networks to be a part of. The client services have also been awesome—especially with our rep Tamisa!

Q: What is Function of Beauty’s hottest selling item?

A: Our completely customizable shampoo and conditioner.

Q: Tell us something unique about your company

A: We are the biggest and first-to-market customized hair care brand in the world. No other company is capable of creating customized hair care products at the scale that we are.

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