influencer marketing, consumer shopping behavior, shopstyleInfluencer marketing continues to be mutually beneficial for both marketers and consumers. According to Rakuten Marketing data, 57% of U.S. consumers actively follow an online blogger or social influencer. 71% of them frequently buy items the bloggers and influencers recommend. With this in mind, marketers are optimizing their overall marketing strategy to capitalize on these influencer marketing trends. We met with ShopStyle’s Director of Business Development, Aleksandra Chojnacka.

About ShopStyle and Aleksandra

ShopStyle is a global fashion marketplace that inspires and educates consumers. The marketplace covers a variety of categories such as apparel, accessories, beauty, home and more. ShopStyle also takes part in the influencer industry with its commerce engine, ShopStyle Collective, that consists of a vast network of 14,000 influencers. Aleks has led revenue growth strategies for both ShopStyle and ShopStyle Collective and is an authority in the world of influencer marketing.

Video Topics

In the following interview, Aleks speaks to:

  • The ways ShopStyle has seen influencer marketing grow in the industry over the years
  • The affects influencers have throughout the entire marketing funnel
  • How influencer marketing increases a brand’s reach, engagement and conversions

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