In our inaugural Rakuten Marketing podcast episode, we tackled back to school marketing. Everything you’ll need to know to get started is here, from when the shopping period takes place to what consumers shop for, so listen in and get your back to school affiliate marketing strategies ready!

Rakuten Marketing Podcast Episode 1: Back to School Marketing 2017

Fact: 25% of the US population is a student in some level of academia. Students from elementary school to graduate programs and everything in between will be heading back to school in the fall, and they’ll need everything from new clothes to school supplies and the latest technology. Marketers will need to be prepared for this critical Q3 shopping period.

To help you prepare your affiliate program, we’re excited to announce the first episode of our podcast. This podcast will be a regularly published podcast featuring expert insights, interviews, and strategies you can act on to optimize, improve, or prepare your affiliate marketing program.

One key highlight from Nicole came from her research on consumer shopping trends by verticals. We have her two graphics, the vertical heat map and the conversion table, below (click for full-sized image):

We also have additional resources available beyond the podcast available below for your back to school marketing strategies. These include: