The time is now: it’s officially Q4 and it’s time to plan, strategize and finalize holiday planning across all marketing channels. Now more than ever is a crucial time for marketing programs to communicate and work together for the greater good. Silos are a thing of the past and attribution that proves value across channels is the future.

Below are three main areas where multichannel marketing strategies will take your program to the next level for a winning holiday season.

1. Aligned Messaging

We recommend aligning your messaging across channels year-round as it really helps to solidify your brand image, which is increasingly important during the holiday season. Since character limits may differ across programs it can lead to different verbiage/buzzwords being used. So, be sure to think holistically from the start to help craft your brand story across all channels.

There are many areas within content and creative assets where there are opportunities to confirm brand compliance and create eye-catching imagery. Having aligned messaging produces a united view for the user where, instinctively, they have a sense of recognition and validity for your brand.

2. New Customer Acquisition

Also known as new-to-file customers, new customer acquisition has become more and more of a norm with a company’s client base, whereas in the past efficiency and maximizing current customer bases were the key to success. Incorporating a clear strategy for new customers to your site during the holiday season is key to driving year-over-year (YOY) traffic and revenue growth. Paid digital marketing channels have specific tactics that can be deployed during the holiday season to increase reach for your brand and drive more sales. Even though these strategies aren’t as efficient, it’s key to think of new customer acquisition strategies during the holiday season. This will give your brand the opportunity to remarket during non-peak season, increasing repeat purchases and a chance for creating more customers who are brand loyal.

3. Proving the Value

Once the holiday season is over, how can you prove that your multi-channel holiday strategies worked for the business overall? You guessed it — Attribution! No matter what solution you have, you can see all metrics that can validate the value of the strategies put into place during the holiday season across all paid and unpaid marketing channels. They can then be replicated throughout the year to drive higher engagement, retention, traffic and sales.

We have also been able to identify areas of opportunity for the site through the user experience metrics. The high-volume time of holiday provides quick feedback into user behavior on site which can help mold the future of the updates needed for next year’s holiday season. For more holiday insights and ways to improve your holiday marketing strategies, be sure to download our on-demand holiday webinar below.

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