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How to get your reporting API Key for Advertisers

Step-by-Step Guide for Advertisers to Obtain Reporting API Key

Step-by-Step Guide for Advertisers to Obtain Reporting API Key

  1. Log In to Your Account

Access your account by logging into the Advertiser Dashboard at

  1. Navigate to the Reporting Interface

Once logged in, find and click on the Reports >> Reporting to navigate to the Reporting Interface

  1. Select Any Report

Use the “Choose Report” drop-down menu to select any report

  1. Access the API  

Locate and click the arrow next to “View Report.”

From the dropdown menu, choose “Get API.”  From here you will be able to access your API key.

Need more info?

For more details on accessing your Reporting API key, you can log in to the Help Center here:

NOTE: Secure Your API Key

  • Treat your API key with the same level of security as you would your username and password.
  • If you believe your API key has been compromised, use the option to Update your token. Note that refreshing your token will deactivate any existing API URLs using the old token.
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