Nowadays, who hasn’t used an app on their phone or tablet to discover, browse, shop or purchase? Google reports that 30% of all online shopping purchases happen on mobile phones so creating a frictionless app experience is essential to today’s omni-channel consumer. Whether it’s searching on Google, purchasing household items on Amazon, or shopping for your next outfit, all of these tasks can be done by simply installing new apps on your device. How can retailers increase app activity? Testing App campaigns is the solution.

As with most digital marketing strategies, defining the goal is first step to a successful test. App campaigns are no different. Whether it’s engagements, installs, or purchases, Google has developed their own app analytics platform to track across all devices called Firebase (Free! Just like Google Analytics). Most well-known 3rd party tracking solutions are also compatible if your client is already established with a vendor.

Google currently offers two main types of campaigns to test in Google: mobile app install & mobile app engagement campaigns.

1. Mobile app install campaigns allow you to tailor and focus the entire strategy on driving consumers to install your app on their device. Ads are served in a single network (Search, Display, YouTube) and can be managed on a CPC, CPV (YouTube only), or CPI.

There is also an option to test what’s called a UAC (universal app campaign). This is a type of mobile app install campaign in which you can leverage all networks in Google (Search, Display & YouTube) to serve ads based on backend logic to achieve a target CPA.

2. Mobile app engagement campaigns focus on three main areas:

  • Finding new consumers interested in your app’s content
  • Re-engagement with your app that a consumer has already installed
  • To open and use your app to fulfill a specific action

This option is best to test in the Display network since it’s solely a retargeting strategy. Search strategies can be tested, however, the tracking is limited to Android.

In this day and age, convenience is key. What’s more convenient to a consumer than installing and purchasing from their favorite retailers through an app on their phone? Achieve sales growth, increase loyalty & boost customer satisfaction all from a great app experience and the right app marketing strategy.

If you’re curious about marketing your mobile app, reach out to Rakuten Marketing Search for a free paid search audit.