gloomy weather marketing tipsIf it feels like you haven’t seen the sun yet in the new year, well…depending on where you live, you’re not that far off.

Many parts of the country, including the Pacific Northwest and Midwest, have endured long stretches this winter where residents haven’t seen the sun in days or, in Seattle’s case, roughly two months.

Extended cloudy stretches are undoubtedly negatively impacting shoppers’ moods – in fact, science actually backs that up. Extended cloudy stretches present an opportunity for advertisers across any number of verticals to up their affiliate ad spend and offer shoppers who may be suffering from the winter doldrums an opportunity to come in from the mental cold.

Here is a look at several verticals that stand to benefit:


capitalize on gloomy weather for travel marketingTravel advertisers stand to benefit the most from gloomy weather because they can offer the most tangible form of mental release – An escape to a place where the skies are sunny, the weather is warm, and the times are good.

People tend to be actively searching throughout the first quarter of the year because for much of the country, the weather is colder and less conducive to outdoor activities than it is in other parts of the world. Travel advertisers can capitalize on shoppers’ need for some Vitamin D by launching a multipronged affiliate campaign that offers the weather weary the opportunity to live out their fantasy of an escape.

Hotel chains, for instance, can work with cash back publishers to offer higher cash back on trips in the next 30 days to warmer weather properties that may not normally be as popular this time of year.

Travel advertisers across the spectrum should be targeting content publishers that are in areas of the country where the weather has been particularly rough. Consider reaching out to these publishers to discuss your business objectives and see where there might be opportunities to align with their content.


Travel may be cost prohibitive for some this time of year and too much effort for others who may not be able to get out of work or family commitments.

This is where health and wellness advertisers come in.

Exercise in particular has been scientifically proven to improve mood and some, like me, are actively pushing themselves to get moving in order to improve their mental health despite the fact that it’s been cold and gray for most of 2020.

This gives advertisers on all points of the health and wellness an opportunity to connect with shoppers who find themselves looking for an easy escape.

Athletic apparel advertisers can position a new workout outfit as an excuse for someone to head to the gym more often. Fitness centers can promote group fitness classes as a means of both getting out of the house and improving mental health.

Spas and Tanning Salons

how to market self love and careOne other industry that stands to benefit from this long string of cloudy and gray days across the country – Spas and tanning salons.

After all, not everyone has the budget to travel this time of year nor does everyone have the desire or the time to exercise.

Spas offer a respite from gloomy weather by giving people an hour or two of pampering and relaxation. Tanning salons, meanwhile, give people a chance to experience artificial sunlight and warmth.

Advertisers in both of these verticals should offer cash back deals on larger packages aimed at incentivizing people to get in now while building a longer term relationship. Offering a “cloudy day” discount through an affiliate partner could be enough to sway someone to book a package as well.

Cloudy days may be bad for your customers’ moods – But you have the power to brighten them with the right messaging and the right products. By tailoring your affiliate marketing strategy and offering up the right products, you can serve as their escape from the winter blues.