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Rakuten Marketing is giving advertisers and publishers alike the power of choice by marrying the best of both human and machine to create a revitalized way for brands to approach their affiliate marketing strategy and turn first time visitors into longtime customers.

In the increasingly automated world of digital marketing, it is important for the human beings who are behind these investments to have the power of choice. After all, humans still decide where budgets should be allocated.

Being able to make more choices when it comes to how your digital dollars are spent is crucial for advertisers heading into 2020. That’s because the consumers you’re trying to reach are empowered with more digital choices than ever before in terms of the types of products they’re able to buy online, the types of brands and publishers they visit, the devices they use to connect, and the amount of content they are able to see, just to name a few.

Audiences want a better online experience

The good news? Consumers are willing to give advertisers and publishers some help when it comes to making smarter choices. Rakuten Marketing data shows that 90% of customers are willing to consent to their data being tracked. What’s more – Data from Rakuten Marketing’s Unwrapping the Holiday Shopper report shows that roughly 86% of holiday shoppers are open to brand or advertising suggestions for gift purchases, and nearly two-thirds are either very or somewhat likely to buy something for the holidays because it was brought to their attention by advertising.

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This means that customers to some degree want advertisers to show them more relevant products when they’re searching online and for publishers to deliver content that is better aligned with their specific interests.

How Rakuten Marketing gives advertisers more choices

Rakuten Marketing empowers advertisers with Dynamic Commissioning, which allows advertisers to be smarter about how they spend their affiliate marketing dollars. Dynamic Commissioning gives advertisers the power to choose to offer higher commission rates based on the audience they want to target or products they want to promote, thus ensuring that publishers will be more active in promoting those products on their platforms.

Rakuten Marketing’s team of experts is continually increasing the number of data fields that advertisers are able to commission on, giving brands more choices over who is going to see which message.

How Rakuten Marketing is giving publishers more choices

Consumers want more curated content, and Rakuten Marketing is equipping publishers with the ability to give consumers what they want when they want it.

Rakuten Marketing’s network leverages a wide array of data to give publishers more insight into the people who are visiting their website, including a person’s browsing history, buying history, and geographic information. This, in turn, allows publishers in a given network to quickly match up a product from an advertiser with the audience segment that is most likely to respond to it. This also helps a publisher stay more engaged by serving up content that is most relevant to a potential buyer, rather than bogging them down with messaging that they aren’t interested in.

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This blog was adapted from material which originally appeared on the mThink blog.