Be sure to download the first Rakuten Marketing GDPR Whitepaper reviewing U.S. compliance framework for the General Data Protection Regulation.

Read our new whitepaper: Defining the GDPR impact on Digital Advertising

Rakuten Marketing has made available a new whitepaper that reviews the U.S. compliance framework for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This data-rich resource titled Defining the GDPR Impact on Digital Advertising provides expert insights on:

  • The impact the GDPR will have on U.S. advertisers and publishers.
  • The foundation that advertisers and publishers need to understand to be compliant with the GDPR.
  • Ways the European Citizens are responding to the new legislation.
  • Action brands need to take to become GDPR-compliant by the May 25 deadline.
  • The benefits of gathering consent for GDPR-compliant brands.
  • How to support the delivery of more consumer-friendly ads and online marketing experiences.
  • The resulting impact to advertisers, publisher and consumers.

Through this whitepaper, advertisers and publishers gain valuable information on the GDPR to help achieve compliance and market success. Click below to download the full whitepaper and be sure to stay tuned for more GDPR communications in the future.