Affiliate Myth Buster: Using Data to Understand the True Value of Coupon Publishers

Whether they’ve received a code via email or found it on a coupon site, online shoppers are now accustomed to having discount codes readily available to help them save money on their purchases.

That said, there are often assumptions made about the value that affiliate programs involving coupons can offer advertisers. It can be assumed that coupons only drive value at the last click, or that they poach revenue that has actually been driven by other marketing channels earlier in the path to purchase.

So, should the myths be believed or should your brand be capitalizing on the demand for discount codes? The answer – as with so many marketing campaigns – is to let the data make the decisions.

In his latest post for Marketing Land – Three Coupon Affiliate Myths It’s Time to Stop Blindly Believing – our Managing Director of Attribution James Collins explores this theme in more detail.

James provides clarity around three of the assumptions associated with coupons using data from our proprietary attribution technology, Cadence:

  • Myth: Coupon affiliates only drive value at the last click
  • Myth: Coupons only convert those who would’ve converted anyway
  • Myth: Coupons don’t work for luxury brands

Read the post on Marketing Land now to learn how data can give you a clearer understanding of the value of coupons throughout the purchase journey.