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Affiliate Publisher Spotlight: Yieldify

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Q: Tell us a little about Yieldify.
A: Yieldify makes it easy for ecommerce businesses to deliver customer journeys that convert, through a combination of smart and simple technology and expert strategy. Our team draws on our experience from delivering over 50,000 campaigns for over 1,000 websites globally.

Our mission is Customer Journey Optimization (CJO), which is all about going beyond ‘CRO as usual’ to view the customer journey as a whole and more effectively optimize the touchpoints throughout it.

Q: Can you share some highlights of your program?
A: We’re lucky to work with some amazing Rakuten advertisers.

One of our highlights has been working with Skyn Iceland, an innovative skincare brand who recently presented with us at the Glossy Summit in Miami. We worked with them to improve their customer journey across their website, resulting in a 23%+ increase in their conversion rate, as well as boosting order value by nearly 15%. It’s great to work with a brand who shares our passion for CJO and to help them drive real impact for their customers.

Q: What kind of advertisers are you looking to partner with in the network?
A: We specialize in creating customer journeys, which means that we can work with almost any advertiser that has invested in traffic that they now need to convert.

Our experience extends from retailers in beauty and fashion all the way through to transportation and hospitality, so we’re excited to meet many more of them at Dealmaker to see how we can support in making their traffic count.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about Yieldify.
A: Our team of 120 speaks a total of 24 languages.

Q: Describe your company in one word.
A: Ambitious.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?
A: Rakuten Marketing’s agnostic technology is a perfect fit for us. We take pride in making sure that our technology integrates with a single tag and gets up-and-running in days, not months, and having the ability to work with one of the strongest platforms in the business was a no-brainer for us.

Most importantly, the alignment in purpose and commitment to customers. Like Rakuten Marketing Affiliate, we make it our mission to deliver great services to our customers and to forge lasting relationships that just get stronger over time.

Q: What’s next for Yieldify?
A: We’re on a mission to help marketers ‘think CJO’: we’re traveling the world talking about how to make customer journeys convert and we’re excited to bring it to even more companies at Dealmaker.

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The way Yieldify works is different to how many programs operate: we want to make it easy for marketers to manage the budget they spend with us and get a higher, reliable ROI while implementing CJO at its best. For that reason, we work on a manageable fixed fee rather than a CPA model, making it simpler to get started on your CJO project.

If you are interested in partnering with Yieldify, search SID 3217230 in the Advertiser Dashboard. Don’t forget to see Yieldify at DealMaker New York. Book a meeting with them in Pathable today!

Join us at DealMaker New York June 27-28!