Q: Tell is a little about Hinted.
A: Hinted (SID: 3388553) is a social shopping platform and app where users collect, discover and shop for what they want from curated shoppable lists. Users create their own personalized wish lists and Hinted curates daily content of “what to want” now, linking directly to purchase at retail. We work with Good Morning America to curate trends and shopping ideas twice a week, and partners to drive awareness, lead generation and conversion.

Q: Can you share some highlights from your program?
A: Hinted has helped our advertiser partners create desire, awareness and curated content in the form of lifestyle-oriented lists that spark shopping behavior. Our “Your Horoscope and Style to Match” weekly list is among the most popular, and our “Spa Parties” and “Shopping Parties” help our beauty and fashion partners reach new customers through Virtual Trunk Shows that suggest what to buy right now for the coming weekend, trip, formal event, tailgate, or just to update and upgrade your personal style right now. As former Conde Nast editors, we pride ourselves in creating stories around commerce, and creating the “why” of the buy for our community of shoppers. Hinted curates a top of the funnel experience and fuels the desire for products, experiences and little life upgrades.

Q: What kind of advertiser partners would be a good fit for Hinted?
A: Fashion, Beauty, Well-being, Travel, Tech, Fitness, Menswear, Grooming, Home, Pets – anything that “makes your life better” just by owning, wearing or trying it.

Q: What do you feel has driven the success you’re seeing in the network?
A: The fact that we contextualize the items in a lifestyle storytelling context.

Q: What’s a fun fact about Hinted?
A: Lucy Danziger, the founder and CEO, once made J-Lo do a triathlon with her. It was when Lucy was Editor-in-Chief of SELF and Jennifer Lopez wanted to get back in shape after having twins. They trained together all summer and did the Malibu Tri, raising money together for the LA Children’s Hospital. Her niece then taught dance moves to a young Beyoncé on the set of her cover shoot in Miami.

After all these amazing and exciting moments, nothing has been as fun and rewarding as launching her own company and helping people get the life they want by buying just the right things they need to create and fulfill their future vision of the self they want to be and see. You don’t need everything just the right things. Hinted helps them get that — one list, hint and purchase at a time.

Q: Tell us something new your company is offering?
A: Hinted has 20 gift guides that we will be launching in the next few months, and advertisers can buy into these guides with very low-cost marketing spends. Our gift guides cover everyone on your list. You can buy one hint, two, three or more, along with a banner ad on each gift guide that we email to our community of shoppers and feature on our homepage, the app and the Discover Feed. Contact Lucy (lucy@hinted.com) or Marcelle (marcelle@hinted.com) if you are interested in learning more about these curated Holiday Gift Guides.

The Holiday Gift Guides include lists for:

  • The beauty maven
  • The fashion trendsetter
  • The luxe lover
  • The minimalist
  • The man in your life
  • The world traveler
  • The homebody (who loves a cozy night in)
  • The chef / hostess you love to spoil
  • The cheap and cheerful exchange (keeping it real)
  • The man who only wears one thing
  • The sister/ gal pal who always has your back
  • The techie in your life
  • The sports fan
  • The high school senior
  • The college coed
  • The guy who’s a gear lover
  • The wellbeing / yoga / zen one
  • The skier / snowboarder
  • The triathlete or runner
  • The nature lover / outdoor adventurer
  • Me… I’m doing all the shopping here
  • Plus last-minute gifts that will arrive in time!

Hinted is also offering “virtual trunk shows” to advertisers that want to participate in “shopping parties” around the country, where users will have a limited time offer to purchase products from the list and shop with incentives from our partners. We will work with you on pricing and offers that work for your products, and we will create tailored trunk shows that drive shopping behavior with the urgency of knowing the offer will expire.

Q: Describe Hinted in one word.
A: DesireDashboard.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?
A: We enjoy connecting with designers, retailers, brands and forward thinkers who understand the value of curated content in sparking desire and ultimately shopping behavior.

Q: What’s next for Hinted?
A: We’re building a data dashboard to share performance and purchase intent data with our partners so they will be able to see how items are doing in real time.

We love collaborating and our 100 Hinted Ambassadors are eager to hold events, give away small swag items for downloads. They also love to take pictures in your fashion items and with your beauty or wellbeing products to feature on their Instagram Stories. We can reach over 100,000 impressions easily with sampling, events and creative ideas. Together, let’s brainstorm how to get this authentic influencer network working for you.

If you are interested in partnering with Hinted, search the Advertiser Dashboard for SID 3388553.