In our first Rakuten Marketing Radio episode of 2018, we take a look at a key 2018 marketing trend: video content. To better understand video content and marketing, we interviewed Brian Nickerson, the Founder of MagicLinks – an authentic social commerce platform for video influencers – on where video content marketing currently is, influencers with video content, and where it’s headed in 2018!

Where is Video Content Marketing Headed in 2018?

Social media has created a “democratization of creating and consuming content,” according to Brian Nickerson. Nickerson, the Founder of MagicLinks– an authentic social commerce platform for video influencers – is no stranger to content. While in the past creating content and getting it in front of people could have been costly, time-consuming and challenging, today’s content creators have the freedom to upload their own content to an audience who is almost always eager to consume more.

And in this democratization of content, video content has stood out. It’s no secret that people love watching video content, and in 2018 that consumption will only continue to grow and adapt to audiences. Marketers will need to know exactly what their audience is expecting, both from pre-recorded videos as well as live streams, and how to deliver.

Nickerson, who is an expert on both influencers and video content, shared his wisdom on the matter. In this interview, recorded in October 2017, Nickerson discusses the value of influencers in content, why video is such a compelling and accessible medium (and why that results to a near one-to-one interaction between creator and viewer), the power of authenticity in video content (“you can smell when someone’s being authentic”), and where video content is headed in 2018.

Be sure to subscribe to Rakuten Marketing Radio as we continue to produce more Rakuten Marketing Radio episodes in 2018. Also, be sure to check out MagicLinks, as well as Crystal Coons of Sometimes Glam and Elle Florance, two content creators that Nickerson noted as some of his personal favorites for what they’re doing with video content. If you want to hear more from Brian Nickerson, check out a previous interview we conducted with him here.