When you’re generating content, you have to be as authentic as possible and you have to develop your own voice…and that’s something Stylight definitely does.”

DealMaker New York is an event created with great opportunities for publishers and advertisers to meet, greet and digest a lot of insightful content. From the keynotes, panel speakers and session breakouts, attendees won’t go home empty handed (especially with the product-filled gift bags given out at the end of the event). The fun atmosphere of networking while gaining industry knowledge isn’t only happening out on the floor, it’s what’s happening behind the scenes as well. At this event, we were able to schedule interviews with 13 different marketing experts. These individuals joined us in the Marriot presidential suite in order to share with us useful marketing tips and strategies.

Bridget Deeney, Business Development Manager at Stylight, was one of the intelligent individuals we were lucky enough to interview. Stylight, a search engine for fashion and design, is the perfect brand to speak to when determining how to prioritize consumer experience. Especially with the holiday season approaching, discovering ways to adapt to all types of consumers, such as luxury brands shoppers, bargain shoppers, research shoppers, etc., is extremely beneficial. Serving millions of customers around the world, Stylight also has achieved a global perspective on how to best serve customers around the world looking for the perfect product.

In this episode of Rakuten Marketing Radio, Bridget dives into the topics of global reach, how Stylight helps consumers connect with new brands and products, consumer behavior around the world, and much more. This is the second interview release from DealMaker of the many to come. You can find the first interview with Bree McNeal from eBay here.