What is a micro-moment? In the latest episode of the Rakuten Marketing Radio podcast, we aim to answer that question – and show how influencers are critical in creating them.

Creating Micro-Moments Through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become a critical aspect of any brand’s digital marketing strategy, and with good reason. Influencers can be highly effective ways to raise brand awareness, introduce a potential customer to a new product, and create a more brand-loyal shopper. Influencers accomplish this by creating “micro-moments” in the shopper’s path to purchase.

What is a micro-moment in marketing? They’re the critical moments that a shopper has in their path to purchase that drives them to purchase a particular brand or product. And in an age where so much information and noise can clutter the customer’s path to purchase, influencers are finding ways to cut through the noise and create these micro-moments.

In our latest Rakuten Marketing Radio podcast, we sat down with Michelle Attar, a Global Account Lead at Rakuten Marketing, to discuss the topic of micro-moments in digital marketing.

One of the most important ways that influencers can help create micro-moments for their followers is by APP. APP stands for:

Authenticity: Customers crave authenticity in an age where advertisements come from all angles. Influencers create authenticity for their followers by simply being themselves. Influencer followers don’t see them as marketers, they see them as trusted friends or experts that can give them great recommendations. Most importantly, influencers use their own voice and share their own experiences to create a sense of authenticity for their followers.

Personalization: While personalization is created by authenticity, it’s not just the personal feel from the influencer that’s important. Shoppers want to know that the product or brand that they’re being recommended is good for them and meets their personal needs, however unique those needs may be – and influencers can connect those dots in ways that other forms of marketing may not be able to accomplish. That’s because influencers connect with their audience and know what their needs and niches are. They can take that knowledge and create distinct, personalized messages about the brand or product for the audience to respond to.

Passion: Influencers are considered thought leaders within their communities, and their voice is considered important and worth listening to. Influencers are able to create that authority by being well-spoken and passionate about the topic they’re discussing. Their passion shows in the content they create and the connection they have to their subject matter and their audience. Their opinions are rooted in an emotional connection to the subject matter they discuss as much as an intellectual and personal connection.

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