rakuten card linked offer network, card-linked offers, online-to-offline shopping“If there’s one word I can use to describe DealMaker New York, it’s energy.”

It’s an early, rainy morning in Brooklyn when I first arrive at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge hotel. I try not to yawn as I walk through the door, focusing instead on the coffee I’m about to buy and the work I need to do. In less than half an hour I’ll be kicking off my first of 13 different interviews with digital marketing experts in a variety of expertise.

Bree McNeal, the Senior Partner Development Manager at Ebates, is the first person I’ll be interviewing. She arrives shortly after I do and sits across from me. Bree works with the Rakuten Card Linked Offer Network, or RCLON, which grows in-store cashback and in-store shopping development through card-linked offers. In-store shopping is critical for marketers to understand and penetrate – especially now with Generation Z shoppers enjoying the in-store shopping experience. This network helps bridge the gap between online-to-offline shopping, taking coupons and rewards into the back end where customers can accrue their cashback and deals without having to pull an offer up on their screen to be scanned. This, says Bree, is an omnichannel experience.

In this episode of Rakuten Marketing Radio Bree and I discuss the opportunities of card-linked offers, bridging the online-to-offline gaps, and creating that omnichannel experience that consumers love and that drives results. This was just the first of many interviews during DealMaker New York that we will be releasing in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe below.

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